Do You Have Time For Cycling?

Do you have time for cycling? Because cycling has time for you. The Bicycle is life’s only real Time Machine. If you have prior history with you’ll be privy to my profound respect for cycling and it’s innumerable life fulfilling beneficial advantages.

Do you seek a slower, more efficient and effervescent life? Escape the accelerated aging of capitalisms automobile life-trap intentionally designed to harness your entire life within capitalisms metastasizing grip.

Electric Bicycles only make commuting by bicycle more practical and affordable with no automobile related expenses holding you down. Just you, your bicycle and the wide-open road of your newly fulfilled cycling lifestyle. Cycling rejuvenated my life starting in 2008 and I’ve yet to experience any downside.

This could be a taste of your new commute with a life-cycle change.

Stunning New Section Of Clear Creek Trail Opens In Golden, Colorado.

Today I am blessed to live with Golden, Colorado’s weather yet I’ve commuted by bicycle in Boston, Vermont, Pennsylvania, DC, Belfast, Auckland, Evergreen, New Hampshire and Bangkok in every weather pattern imaginable reveling in every blue sky, star-lit, full-moon, hot, cold, snowy, wet, dry, humid and perfect mile, day and night.

With a plethora of these dynamic cycling trails just outside my door I’m continually taunted. Just coming off a stunning full-moon cycle this week in Golden with fall in the air.

For a pure high-speed workout these concrete beauties can’t be outpaced.

These concreted gems are very addicting and provide consistent aerobic rhythms.

So try a bicycle if you looking for a true chainge of pace in this ride called life. Your bicycle will relink your life with mother natures amazingness. The amazingness that provides us all life moment to moment, day to day, year to year. So get out there not an experience your life as mother nature intended. In complete unison and harmony with nature not matter your preferred surface.

Trails this smooth lends themselves to a higher tire pressure. At max psi I can barely feel the earth, almost hydroplaning on air with these high speed weapons.

Schwalbe’s G-One Speed TLE Is Fast and Then Some. Amazing and Dynamic Cornering Capabilities Will Tilt Your Axis.
A Neighborhood Rollercoaster Ride Testing Schwalbe’s G-One Speed TLE’s Cornering Capabilities.

Check out this Electric Bicycle Information for a A Pedal Out The Door. 2021’s e-bikes are practically motorcycles with impressive range and top-speeds. Even the finest electric bicycle or three will be appreciably cheaper then a new Tesla. Bicycles are as close to carbon-free mechanized transport on earth as you’ll get. OK possibly a skateboard? A skateboard with 29-inch wheels and a seat.

The Bicycle is undoubtedly humanities most significant, ingenious, practical, efficient, cost-effective, common-sense, life-affirming, utterly enjoyable methodology for human transport. The automobile will kill your soul first then your body with every mile your ass spends growing roots to capitalism rolling coffin enslaving you to Exxon Mobile and the other demonic corporations raping this planet for an extra billion dollars.

Profit now supersedes human life in 2021. This is a fact. America has been desensitized to reality by the bullshit of advertising. Advertising tells you; you need your shit overnight when most needs are a bicycle ride away in a country addicted to the steroids’ of automobile-consumerism. Advertising has infected, polluted and destroyed America’s sense of itself. Everyone want’s to be someone else and their selling it to you. Advertising, Big-Oil, the corporatization of journalism and constant collision with The Military Industrial Complex have made for humanities most dangerous bedfellows.

Cycling is the ultimate diversion from today’s accumulating circus against the difficult truth’s and realities of the new climate-life we have all brought upon ourselves in one form of culpability or another. We have been condition to ignore the power Mother Nature has over our very existence here.

Nuclear Selective Ignorance.

Decades of selectively ignoring life’s realities, the results of capitalisms madness and the resulting viral purging consumerism is vacuuming up American Society. We are in an intellectual pot-hole where people are proud of their selective-ignorance. It only required a madman as president to unleash this long cultivated and pent up selective-ignorance.

Ride a bicycle it will change your life in a stream of new ways you’ll embrace on every ride and help Mother Nature in the process. What’s good for Mother Nature is even better for you.

Cycling has always been the finest place I’ve found to go when I really need too go. Cycling is always there, always welcome, always enjoyable, always life-affirming and always the best thing I do every glorious day. Cycling soft-focuses your thoughts, plans and aspirations in an endless vanishing point of fascinating oxygen debt, cleansing your system and resetting your soul.

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