Cycling Is Now Life Threatening.

It appears humanity is going to drive off the edge of the earth with The Flat Earthers. The entire planet is under a blanket of life threatening smoke from the epidemic fires resulting from the carbon and hydro-carbons we continue spewing with our lives of selective-ignorance.

Denver, Colorado Home To The Worst Air On Earth August 8, 2021.

Cumbersome it will be to ride a bicycle with scuba tank and regulator. Forget the fins, wet suite and spear-gun. Colorado’s most precious resource The Outdoors is currently off limits.

What will it take to shake US from our selective-ignorance of the climate realities we’ve ignored for so long perpetuating our excessive lifestyles? It hit’s home everyday for me as a prep-chef touching more food every morning then many will see in their lifetimes all due to capitalisms selective-ignorance.

Does Mother Nature need to burn down every American’s home first? Because she eventually will and is well on her way in the American West. Today entire towns burning up in an instant permanently erased from this planet is becoming accepted as normal as a school shooting. American has been desensitized to death and reality by the self-delusional ignorance of capitalisms rapping of this planet and most of our souls and lives along with it.

This continued denial of the reality slapping us in the faces and asses simultaneously will kill US. American Life just drives on no matter the insanity of the consequences we are impaling ourselves with. The cult of individualism infecting this country is at fever pitch. We have become a country based on narcissism believing in nothing, knowing everything, willing to learn nothing because you know everything all the while glowingly proud of this self proclaimed stupidity.

This attitude that ignorance is best will lead to The End of The Road for humanity as I see it. Cycling heals our planet and our souls in a liberating new lifestyle that will present a whole new world and brand new life just outside your door.

Cycling Is The Most Practical and Enjoyable Form Of Mobility For Humanities Future If We’re To Have One.

I live in a “Cycling Town,” it’s Golden for cycling. Blessed with wide smooth concrete bicycle trails and lanes connecting to Denver. Three bike shops in a 3/4 mile radius. Way to many bikes on cars in this “Cycling Town” instead of butts on bikes. If I had a $14.000 custom Pinarello or Yeti I’d ride them anywhere and everywhere.

Putting your bike on a car destroys it’s soul and begs the question. Are you a cyclists or just a poser playing one in your car?

Are you’re able-bodied, consider yourself a “Cyclist” and live in and around Golden, Colorado why on this crumbling and overheating planet would you put your bicycle on your automobile to ride it? I can’t recall an occasion riding my bicycle and wishing I was in a car.

With the climate collapsing at world-class pace your bicycle should never be on your car again. Discover your new rides and adventures from home on your bicycle. I ride west to the Foothills and find an new bicycle camping adventure either bushwhacking along a stream or hitting up a campground. Sleeping under the stars with your bicycle, a jet-boil, soup, bread, coffee and oatmeal. It’s liberating and lubricating for the soul.

Having lived in many domiciles on this ride I’ve found my bicycle functioned perfectly out every door and tent flap along the way. In the past fourteen years I’ve worked as a television producer, dish-washer, house painter, rancher, prep-chef, ski-instructor, mason, carpenter, tennis-coach and pontificator; all from a bicycle.

Living without a car has never stopped me from doing anything I’ve ever needed to do. Excuses are boring. Cycling Solutions are dynamic always providing adventure and learning offering a more self-sufficient, realized and fulfilling lifestyle.

You’d be surprised where you can get to on your bicycle when your bicycle is the only option to get you where you need to go. With a few seemingly daunting work adventures behind me any ride seemed possible with a little planning. I’ve never had a bad let alone a shitty bicycle ride to work, any work.

One video gig took me from Evergreen, Colorado to Centennial airport south of Denver. I did catch a ride back home in the crew van which was Plan-B. Plan-A was a combo or cycling and light-rail to Golden then dropping down to Morrison and up the canyon to Evergreen. I was glad to have a Plan-B that day.

If you remember any of this, remember this. There is no Planet-B.

The automobile is capitalism brain and life washing tool. Our society is held captive by the automobile. Trapping our minds, souls and lifestyles in an endless loop of insanity. Alarm clock , car, job you despise, everyday for the rest of your trapped life? As Mother Nature declares war on humanity we continue killing each other for the dollar trapped in our cars everyday?

A recent documentary series on HBO “Exterminate All The Brutes” is a factual look at the tremendous terror and death disseminated by white men to date. The same descending inherited ignorance consuming US today. An ignorance of each other and our planet. “Exterminate All The Brutes” is a must see in all American grade and high schools as well as all colleges and universities that are still in the education business.

Exterminate All The Brutes factually encompasses humanities whitewashing of history and the cultured selective-ignorance’s we live with today. The circumstances of which have come to a boil as reality is no longer in charge as the virus of selective-ignorance takes an historically firm hold of humanity and Mother Nature has no choice but to protect herself from humanities long dedication too selective-ignorance. Ignorance of each other our planet and our realities. There is nothing left to ignore as ignoring and hating each other is now a self proclaimed virtue and a bizarre source of pride for many. We are a virus of selective-ignorance. We have the tools and options to do better but we continually choose to ignore them and do worser.

The greatest threat to humanity is and always has been our capacity for selective-ignorance. The results of which we are living through at an astoundingly ignorant rate. Don’t be selectively-ignorant of the bicycles power to chainge your world and world view. Get on your bicycle now. Make this simple chainge to your lifestyle. It’s a sweeping and welcome chainge you’ll never regret. It’s The Chainge you’ve been looking for.

This ride never sucks, never has, never will. Stop Procrastinating and make The Chainge You Know You Need! Your life will never be dull and regrettable again. Riding a bicycle. It’s a win for everyone and everything. Ride yours now and be part of the solution. The solution to what you may ask? Take a ride. You’ll figure it out with every ride, everyday for the rest of your new cycling life. A constant stream of life-affirming solutions in a glorious and continuous cycle of revolutionary revaluations.

Don’t make the same daily life-stagnating choices when a bicycle ride is the solution to all your life perplexing conundrums. Free your mind. Free your life. Free your soul. To truly Chainge your Lifecycle ride your Bicycle.

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