The Life-Affirming Bicycle Ride.

The bicycle. Be it used for $150.00 or new at $15,000. The life of a bicycle is endless thus endlessly life extending. Who amongst cyclists is not instantly transported to our youth once stepping to that pedal?

There has never been a more beneficial time to start cycling if your on the fence about possibly commuting and daily errands on a bicycle. For me the transition to a life of cycling was thrust on me. I had no choice and soon riding my bicycle everywhere was my reality and a welcome change of pace in lifestyle.

A familiar story. Lost everything but my bicycle. Found work I always wanted in cycling range. A Restaurant. These two opportunities changed, shook-up and rejuvenated my life. The rat race I would never partake in again. My bicycle has proved to be my life’s most valued resource and advisor. A simple bicycle liberated my soul allowing generations of languishing ideas to flower amongst the living again.

My bicycle not only saved me but opened my eyes to cycling’s innumerable life-affirming benefits. Cycling has no down-side. Many amongst us ponder life’s purpose? I promise you life’s purpose is too live it not psychoanalyze it. By all means pursue as much knowledge as possible. It is a bit pompous of humans to think they can understand the meaning of life; if any as many are yet to fully comprehend or accept the reality of climate-science and our life threatening impact on ourselves. Cycling is humanities only path to a rational and sustainable lifestyle if we are to survive the environmental crisis we are all facing, like it or not. As Neil DeGrasse Tyson put it. “Your beliefs are not an impediment to reality.”

Riding a bicycle daily, essentially commuting on a bicycle is singularly the most impactful impact you can have on possibly saving humanity from itself. Cycling rejuvenates everything and everyone. Cycling today is not your grandparents cycling. With Harley Davidson in the electric bicycle game cycling and other evolving forms of micro-mobility will revolutionize human transport as we witness the end of our traditional American auto-addiction. There will be no future without widespread deployment of bicycles. Be part of humanities only future on your bicycle today. It might not be too late and at least you’ll be enjoying the ride.

The bicycle is as close to a time-machine as you’ll get. It conjures up ones youth while making you younger at heart. Once you make the commitment to a cycling lifestyle you will be in that light. The light of a slower more relaxed life on your bicycle. If enough of US make this paradigm shift we might be able to save this planet for everyone’s children.

When lockdown hit our earths air and water cleared up drastically in a few weeks. Save yourself and your planet from the automobiles slovenly grasp over your health and lifestyle. Just ride a bicycle. The simplicity will be life affirming and empowering in ways you will discover with every ride. Cycling is the best way to assess life. Cycling personifies self-sufficiency, life-efficiency, practicality and common sense. Automobiles are designed too enslave you, bicycles are designed too free you.

Is there a point to all this? If you have the ability to ride a bicycle. Do it everyday. Make your bicycle your primary method of transport. It will transform your life in ways you’ve yet to imagine and beats the shit out of a life trapped in traffic and stress immersed in commercialism grasp.

The Slow Deadly Screw of Capitalisms Has Rusted American Society To It’s Core.

Try to remember the reality of Guy McPherson’s words “Nature Bats Last”. Guy McPherson is an American scientist, professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona. He is known for the idea of Near-Term Human Extinction (NTHE), a term he coined about the likelihood of human extinction by 2026 The insanity known as The January 6th Attack of the selectively-ignorant on our Capital were simply the willingly and proudly uneducated racist Americans set loose by a madman. The result of decades spent intentionally dumbing down Americans along with the simultaneous demise of journalism.

Believe it or not there was a time when commercials were not sold during local and national new broadcasts. Watch Network it explains plenty about the monetization of network news and journalism across the spectrum, all portrayed in a tremendous film with Faye Dunaway, Peter Finch and Robert Duvall, stunningly directed by Sidney Lumet.

America was great when corporations paid taxes and offered profit sharing to employees. America was get when is was unionized. America was great when American’s were educated. America will be great again when cyclists outnumber drivers.

Yes the world appears to be spinning out of our control. Seize control over your life and make the move to cycling if your circumstances permit. Or consider a change in circumstance if possible. Often shaking things up can really shake things for the better. Rather then stagnating away what remains of your life in that car deploy a bicycle. It will shake things up to your advantage. Cycling as you primary transport method will downsize your lifestyle where it needs to be. “If you can’t carry it on your bicycle you probably don’t need it.”

Today’s electric bicycles provide no excuses for you. Many all but pedal themselves and handle some hefty cargo en route. Who knows? If a sufficient number of US adopt this Cycling Lifestyle we might save our planet. Affirm your life now on a bicycle all the answers you seek are just outside that door.

Remember this. Your Bicycle is an extension of your soul. When riding your bicycle you are younger. We all feel it. It’s like an undiscovered form of dopamine triggering the younger you, the kid in all of us. Your bicycle is the only way in life to get to this place in life. Cycling is undoubtedly life’s most pleasurable method of, relaxation, meditation, contemplation and exhilaration. I highly recommend it.

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