The Growing Grass Roots of Cycling Economics.

The growing grass roots of cycling economics will save your community not to mention your life.  In the process you can play your roll in saving our planet.  Errands, groceries and shopping for what you really need by bicycle is the way to roll.  Support local small business’s and your neighbors business’s not Jeff Bezos the wealthiest man on earth who stole tips from his Flex Drivers.

Stealing up to one-third of Flex Driver tips to pad it’s own bottom line.  I would rather pay a bit more and shop locally then ever give the greediest man in history a penny of business.  Talk about little man syndrome how can he live with himself?  This PBS Frontline on Jeff Bezos is a remake of Frankenstein with a vivid documentation of a megalomaniacs development and subsequent evolving destruction of every Main Street economy in our America.

There is little in your life you need overnight.  Are you addicted to this little mans Amazon Empire?  Does Jeff have his hands in your wallet?  Are his algorithms manipulating your subconscious spending habits?  If your Amazon Prime, your addicted it’s Jeff’s preferred main-line drug on-line too hook your wallet to his growing tax free billions.

Big-tech is destroying society and humanity with our direct collusion.  We are conspiring in the destruction of our own humanity.

Ego is the new cancer eating US all alive with every glance at our phones.  Data manipulation is the new Big-Pharma.  Drug’s for our bodies and brain old-school now, it’s within the algorithms of our minds that capitalism has discovered it’s new frontier.  Direct control of your thoughts and spending in the palm of their hands.  A Place Where No One Has Gone Before.   We are, all but drones, chasing the few dollars remaining in the extinction game.

Cycling is humanities best weapon against capitalisms self-destructive, self-delusional, selectively-ignorant greed. The greed which has us poised at extinction.  Cycling will only put money in your pocket.  Automobiles slowly suck your money as you struggle to feed it’s never ending needs?

The Grass Roots of Cycling Economics.

Support your community with your bicycle.  Money spent locally stays local.  Bank locally if possible or look to Community Credit Unions.  Get to know and support your local bike shops.  Never Starbucks just Local Bucks’.

The Grass Roots of Cycling Economics.

As 2021 unfolds cycling and other micro-mobility assets will overwhelm human transport freeing countless souls and business’s from the automobiles-shackles.  Electric Bicycles have changed the game.  A definite consideration if your in the market for a new bicycle.  Cycling will simplify and synergize your family.  Cycling empowers children.  Remember the first time you realized the absolute freedom your bicycle brought to your world as a child?  I’m reminded of that all encompassing freedom every day as cycling is the only route to living life to it’s fullest.

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Take A Ride Now.  You Will, Catch My Drift.