Nuclear Weapons.  Our Haunting American Shadow.
Shadows Of Nagasaki.

I understand we have plenty too worry on today!  In my eye’s man’s continued proliferous development of Nuclear Weapons tops the list of today’s worries.  If we devolve to the madness of nuclear weapons deployment your 2% milk won’t matter much, unless calcium burns into your shadow after the blast.

Every so-called World Leader needs to act immediately and remove/deactivate every nuclear weapon on earth.  I think some of these nuclear antiques still run on punch-card and floppy-disk systems.  Without this immediate act of complete sanity by these leaders towards de-nuclearization of our plant the rest is shear bull-shit insanity.  I consulted with Dr. Strangelove on this obvious nuclear madness?  Not sure of his precise field of medicine?  None the less.  His answer was a blast.

Two Masterminds Synergize On Screen In Dr. Strangelove: Sellers and Kubrick At Their Finest.

Dr. Strangelove.  Don’t re-make it.  Just re-release it!  It should play 24-7 looped on the NYT front page as a Public Service Announcement

Dropping two atomic bombs on innocent Japanese people and the surrendering Japanese Army was America’s greatest act of dick-swinging ignorance to date.  Dropping them day’s apart, only more repulsive, meaning they agreed on two separate occasions to this public mass-murder of biblical proportion while basking in the self-delusional glory of this new found power over peace, justifying this heinous murder as the cost of peace.

This Represents The Beginning Of Our Ending.  The Power To Destroy Everything.  American Exceptionalism?

Our tax dollars are hard at work everyday developing smaller more efficient nuclear weapons.  This somehow rationalized as Mother Nature works towards eliminating the human virus so ignorantly destroying life as we need it.  A silver-lining to nuclear weapons from a capitalist’s perspective is they are oddly too efficient at killing and destroying.


You can sell more conventual weapons of war over long periods of time with conventional methods of killing.  Less profit in nuclear war keeps us from nuclear war.  Hence the new smaller cheaper nukes in development today.  We have come insanely too close too many times with the old nuclear weapons, no new insanity necessary when the standard old insanity will kill us all.

We develop nuclear weapons to defend and steal the oil that’s killing us, our livelihoods and our life sustaining planet with our every action.  All this insanity and blind aspirations in pursuit of the all mighty dollar on capitalisms road to extinction.  Spreading democracy with done piloted smart-bombs is murder over the internet.  Put’s to rest that video-game violence debate. 

Those murderous games are clearly recruiting tools as is the NFL all colluding on the glorification of war with our oligarchic news networks.  Here’s something you won’t see reported on our conglomerate news networks, The Doomsday Clock.

If we are going to save this planet from carbon it makes sense not to nuke it along the way?

Debt can be the excuse for many of US when consideration of the planet is in play.  Too busy chasing debt to consider anything else.  Sell or eliminate all the shit you don’t use along with the shit you don’t know you don’t use that you’ll discover while sorting through all the shit you didn’t need and can’t remember buying yet still carry the debt on across five different interest rates.

Otherwise know as a garage packed with needless debt.  Or the dreaded storage-space.  I’ll generalize:  If you need a storage space?  You best have a really small house.  There is someone out there who will buy or actually needs your shit.  Sell some shit with a yard sale.  Stop buying new shit you have no need for to impress people you don’t like, usually while working a job you can’t stand?

Debt-To-Impress Will Consume Your Soul and The Brief Time Your Have Here On Earth.

Only buy what you need.  Not what your told too need?  Cable Television and what’s left of the Networks are strait up brainwashing for decades now only accelerating into Orwellian madness with today’s collaborating app’s feeding off and fueling the selective-ignorance and manicured hate capitalizing off our long manufactured delusional selective-ignoranceFacebook, Twitter and alike are the brainwashers wet-dreams.

Your cell phone can represent pure narcissisms in your hand with the manipulative psychopathology powering the deceptive algorithms in all these apps destroying society and human interaction for a dollar.

Every bicycle ride on this planet has nothing and everything to do with all of this.  If you feel you’ve lost contact with what life is meant to be I implore you to ride a bicycle as much as possible.  Cycling is life most practical way to reconnect with life.

Everything about cycling helps everything about your life on earth.

You can say that twice and mean it!