Cycling Is Moving Everybody and Everything  Everywhere.

Cycling is moving everybody and everything everywhere down roads yet to be imagined.  Awakening roads with miles of life affirming values and experience.  On the road of life a bicycle will never lead you astray.  If you don’t ride a bicycle you don’t know what’s missing from your life and it’s just outside that door.

Cycling is becoming more practical and efficient every day these days.  In a nut-shell, cycling epitomizes common-sense and will revolutionize life and business as we knew it.  We need a reverse-engineering of this modern life, dissecting, doing away with the elements killing us.  Elements like, automobiles, oil, cell-phones, television, advertising, 24-hour mindless manufactured news, and the grand-father at the core of all of these deadly elements embedded in today’s struggle too live, absolute unadulterated narcissistic capitalism.

Your Next UPS Delivery Will Soon Look Like This.

Electric Bicycles and Electric Cargo Bicycles are redefining cycling horizons.  The old excuse, I can’t ride that far to work or the grocery store, is no longer a valid excuse for millions.  Additionally Electric Cargo bicycles will revolutionize countless small, mid-sized and even large businesses and communities of all sizes.

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Electrified Steroids have entered the cycling business race.  These aren’t your grandfathers first bicycle.  With Harley Davidson, Ducati and VW jumping in the race cycling’s future is supercharged in the way snowboarding revolutionized alpine ski technology.  Snowboarding gave birth to the Shape Ski.  Modern electric motors merging with today’s mind-bending bicycle engineering will open all roads to our cycling revolution.  If Steve Job’s were still with us Apple would be in the bicycle business today.  He was the visionary always ahead of the pack.  I’ve got the iBike 0.1 sketched out.  I thought of it on a bike ride.

Considering Revolution?  Consider A Bicycle.

The all encompassing simplicity of cycling will save US from ourselves.  Everything we do from this day forward needs to be proceeded with this question only?  How do my actions effect my planets future?  Slowing your pace of life with a bicycle will only accelerates life’s hidden efficiencies.  You won’t find these efficiencies in any automobile.  Automobiles encapsulate your life in consumerism.  Bicycles encapsulate your life in life. 

Micro-mobility is human mobilities future.  Don’t invest in General Motors invest in bicycles and scooters.  Consider all your automobile related expenses?  All of them!  Now consider an Electric Bicycle.  Cycling provided countless human benefits prior to this electrifying revolution.  Electric Cycling is Cycling On Steroids.  The benefits forthcoming to humanity will just keep rolling in.

Yesterday’s revolving door of excuses, self inflicted obstacles and arguments opposing cycling to work and cycling everywhere for any need just don’t hold air today.  Electrified Cycling has eliminated all our best excuses.  As children we a groomed to rush.  As adults the constant rush-grooming drives us to the automobile so we can rush to buy more we don’t need.

Cycling will always get you where you need to be.  Automobiles simply create more needs.  As for me, after fifteen years with no car cycling has only been a pathway to solutions and freedom.  My life, body and mind stagnated to extinction’s precipice before my only significant possession at the time, my bicycle presented me with everything I had misunderstood about living life.  Bicycles.  Many of US grew up on one.  If cycling has slipped through your fingers of life there’s never been a better opportunity To Get Back On That Bike! 

Grab Life By The Handle-Bars Not The Hand-Rails.