Conviction. Do You Have Any?

Do you stand for or believe in anything?  Conviction.  Do You Have Any?  Are you just a bystander?  Are you one of humanities useless when it comes to caring about others or anything that doesn’t effect you.  Is this American Exceptionalism?  The ability to not give a shit about anyone but yourself?  Apparently so!  The people who throw their hands up saying, “I stay out of it” when facing truths and facts that conflict with their personal wellbeing and comfort.  By definition without any conviction you are useless in any substantive conversation.  So enjoy the weather.

Conviction. Do You Have Any?

All our tax dollars kill innocent babies and children throughout each day.  Americans are the largest weapons dealers in the world.  This is acceptable to America?  We do it everyday for decades now.  Kill children and babies that is.  Try to address these tax payer funded atrocities with most Americans and you get.  “I stay out of that stuff” as it doesn’t affect them.  Selective-ignorance is the real virus plaguing this America.  Looking the other way while continually ignoring the inconvenient truths is no way to spend your life.

I’m a patriot American how dare you confront me with the truth and facts alternative to mine. 

When I conjure up a person that stands for and lived by their convictions.  Many come to mind.  Men and women. All black I might add.  Mandela, Malcomb X, Dr. King, Medgar Evers, your getting the picture now.  All the black men who stood up for peace and justice for all.  Yes most were assassinated or imprisoned for their selfless efforts to enlighten us.

I’ll focus one of the greatest thinking athletes humanity will ever experience.  Muhammad Ali is a role model for all humanity.  A roll model for all men.

White selective-ignorance will kill us all and is well on it’s way.  Muhammad Ali gave up everything he had worked for and stood by his principles refusing to go kill innocent people for the military industrial complex.  Risking everything he stood up to the madness while we all accept it as normal with no change in sight.  Muhammad Ali gave up his Heavy Weight Title and his livelihood for his beliefs.

As for cycling conviction there can be only one.  Lance Armstrong beat terminal cancer and humbled every respectable professional cyclists on this planet for seven years in a row dominating humanities most challenging athletic event.  Don’t believe me?  Get on you bicycle now and ride it one-hundred miles.  Without stopping. 

They were all cheating, just got out trained by Mr. Armstrong’s pure conviction to winning.   Plenty of people in collusion got rich off Mr. Armstrong’s seven year efforts turning a blind eye while racking in the coin.  It appears Lance helped everyone but himself with his phenomenal seven year dominance of the Tour de France.  All in the course of Doing His Job!  Thanks to Lance Armstrong Pro Cycling is now reformed and no one will dope again?

What I’m riding towards here is.  Stand for something or get out of our way and please shut up until your willing to stand for something and someone other then yourself.  Are you a bystander, a taker?  Or do you stand for humanity.  We are all the same.  People that is.   It’s only bankers, corruptible politicians and capitalisms blinding grip on our souls that separate us and tell us to hate each other.

Float Like A Butterfly. Sting Like A Bee.  You Can’t Out Class Muhammad Ali.