What A Wonderful World.

When everyone rides a bicycle.  What a wonderful world it will be.  Trust me.  The overwhelming advantageousness of cycling will eclipse your life with formerly unforeseen possibilities.  Cycling’s never ending affirmative side-effects embellishing your life with surprising adventure driven enlightenment.  Who would resist?

Every cyclists I see appears very happy to be cycling with many appearing astounded by apparent newfound  happiness.  Ask not what your planet can do for you.  Your planet has already done for you.  Ask?  What can I do in return for my planet?

Cycling is all things positive.  A short list here.  All to your benefit and the planets.

  • Free Transportation.
  • Cycling Will Save The Only Planet We Have.
  • Tremendous Fun.
  • Fulfilling.
  • Invigorating.
  • Life Affirming.
  • Extremely Beneficial To Your Health, Mental and Physical.
  • Economical.
  • Practicality and Frugality On Wheels.
  • Mind Expanding.
  • Awakening.
  • Romantic.
  • Sensible.
  • Self Reliance.
  • Sustainable.
  • Comradery.
  • Entrepreneurial.
  • Definitely The Most Fun You Can Have On Two Wheels.
  • Unless Your A Witch You Won’t Melt In The Rain.
What A Wonderful World It Will Be.
What A Wonderful World It Will Be.  Cyclists Own The Roads.  It’s Just Around The Bend.

Cycling is taking over roads as the virus changes everything about everything.  Cycling is overwhelmingly practical with countless benefits essential to our futures.  If your not riding a bike your really missing the boat.  Every time I’m in pandemic-mania I cure it with my bicycle.  Cycling provides truth in a clear and natural space.  Automobiles are constant reminders of stress and debt.  I would argue that stress and debt are key design elements in all automobiles.

Our planet gravely needs for US to ride bicycles now, and I mean gravely.  The earth lost 28 trillion metric tons of ice between 1994 and 2017.  This lost ice would cover the entire United Kingdom with 100 meter thick sheet of ice.  Science shows current sea-level rise projections well off the actual mark.  I’ve yet to experience real winter cycling in Golden, Colorado this season.  It’s burdensome to recall the last true winter cycling conditions for some years now on Colorado’s Front Range.

My enjoyment of these troubling carbon heated winters overshadowed by unnerving concern for cycling and humanities future.  Last few summers were plagued by fires, smoke, ozone, ultra-violet extremes with life threating conditions as the day to day norm.  Normalized madness is maddening and representative of American society across the spectrum of capitalisms gripping madness on our souls.  Environmentally speaking, the shit is hitting the fan all over the world simultaneously.  Maddening isn’t it?

Denial is not a river in Egypt.  Denial is useless and the selectively-ignorant backbone of capitalisms war on reality and everything good about humanity.  Capitalism boastfully kills with it’s self proclaimed campaigns of ignorance proudly denying science and trampling any facts bearing truth.  Capitalism will stay too stupid too fail as it’s forthcoming demise knocks at all our doors.

Now capitalism is killing at pandemic rates due to it’s selective-ignorance of common sense health standards for the last fifty years.  We pay taxes for vaccine research and now forced to pay for vaccine again and again as the government re-buy’s it after funding it with our tax dollars then bungles it’s deployment.  Yes we’re paying for all this incompetence as armed senators threaten the unarmed realists in the capital.  I need a bike ride.  It is the only reliable method I’ve found to forget it all while embellishing my day with all kinds of unexpected pleasures.

Life’s greatest challenges certainly are ahead of US.  All of US.  Cycling is undoubtedly today’s single most effective methodology for enhancing your life while simultaneously doing your part too save humanity from itself.  Yesterday was January 29th I cycled in shorts and t-shirt in Golden, Colorado at 5676 feet and it’s starting to feel frighteningly normal to this cyclists.  The choice is no longer ours to make as mother nature has stepped in to save herself from US as the rules of all our games have changed like it or not, we’re all on this ride now.  Join the ride to save this planet from ourselves sustainably.  The dead-end road we are on is coming to an end.

What A Wonderful World It Will Be.  Which Way Will You Roll?