Forks In Our Roads 2021.

Forks in Our Roads 2021.  Take The Road Less Traveled.  The Green One For a Change!  The roads we’ve been on have clearly led us astray.  This country is in dire need of revolutionary change across the spectrum of human life if we’re ever to be perceived as leaders again not to mention survive another thirty years as a species.   

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Chasing the dollar at all costs for six decades has US racing towards human extinction at record pace.  Live to work or live to live?  Are you chained to your debt or chained to your life?  Today there’s a fork in the road at every pandemic turn.  Simplification is essential today and cycling epitomizes simplicity.  If your looking for a change?  Change something.  Possibly there’s a fork waiting in your garage?  It’s at the intersection of your car and a dusty bicycle.

On a bicycle you buy what you need.  In a car you buy what you want.  Forks In Our Roads 2021.

Forks In Our Roads 2021.

Add up all your automobile related expenses?  Now add up all you cycling related expenses?  Fork That!  If there’s a fork in your road?  Don’t hesitate and take the road less traveled.  It will be the greener road.  The road of progress, possibilities, learning, exploration, adventure.  The road to your new life.  Unshackled from the automobile’s stress and debt trap.  Free to live your life full of life  Not that life of working to live constantly looking for life.  Not seeing the forest through the dollars.  Then it’s over and your still looking for it.  Your life that was, that is!