Your Heart Is Chained To Nature.

Believe it!  Or not?  Your heart is chained to nature!  There are many critical links connecting you to your life.  Theses links form our chain to nature linking us to life.  All of us together chained to mother natures life sustaining links forming the chain of life.  Air, water, food, energy, trees, wind, snow, birds, bees, oceans, sunlight, crops, all links.  Every link your heart needs to live and everything your heart loves about life.  All the good stuff.  Just one missing-link and your heart stops beating.  So grab that bicycle now and ride into a new life.  You’ll be overcome with life fulfilling consequences.

Your hearts second most critical chain is found on your bicycle.  Your bicycle chain is allied with your chain of life.  One feeding the other.  Keep them both clean and lubricated for a clean and lubricated life.  Rusty neglected chains get you nowhere fast.  Your bicycle is both tool and toy bringing efficiency, fitness and joy everyday.

Rumors of Apple getting in the automobile business?  I believe Apple and humanity would be better served with Apple in the bicycle business instead of a dying automobile industry.

If you don’t ride a bicycle start as soon as you can.  It is the single most influential positive change you can make to your life that is entirely within your control.  The benefits will overwhelm your life exponentially with every exhilarating mile.  Don’t look to the excuses.  Look to the solutions.  Imagine what we’d be accomplishing today on bicycles if the automobile was never invented.  A fantastical question but certainly worthy of consideration given today’s mind-blowing electric bicycle technology.

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The technological synergies enveloping the cycling industry are revolutionizing commuting, recreating and doing business on a bicycle faster then you can say Lance Armstrong seven times.  Your heart is chained to nature.

Lance did eliminate all the other cheaters effortlessly while wining seven in a row after defeating cancer.  A monumental physical and mental accomplishment completely separate from cycling’s politics and business.  Both of which have nothing to do with cycling.  Lance Armstrong dominated all three, the cycling, the business and the politics.  Then he paid the price chased down by the momentum of his well intentioned lies colliding with business and politics yet he is still the seven time Champion of The Tour de France.

Seven for Seven in the world most difficult endurance event.  That will stand till we’re cycling on Mars.  Till then Lance will own that race!

Back to business.  Check out an electric-bicycle as and option if your in the market or revolutionize your business with electric-cargo bicycles.  We are living In the midst of a cycling revolution only accelerated by a pandemic.  Electric or not cycling will change and embellish your life in ways you can’t imagine trapped inside an automobile.

Riding a bicycle connects you to life.  Automobiles connect you to capitalisms system of slavery.  Automobiles are designed to enslave you with debt conning you into chasing a dream that’s not attainable.  No way to spend your life chasing a dream design not to be attained.  All the while slaving away to pay for the tools of your own demise you have been conditioned too need and have no use for.

Just look in that garage.  Or ask why you rent a storage space$  Is your storage space full of debt$  Present and past$  A bicycle is a tool, toy and eraser of debt.  Better health equates to less debt for starters.  A bicycle erases car debt, all of it, instantly.  You shop and live with more practicality on a bicycle.  Your brain grows on a bicycle.  Your community grows on a bicycle.  Your family grows on bicycles.  Your life grows on your bicycle!  Is your life stagnating in an automobile?  I implore you to get on a bicycle now.

You won’t understand the life awaiting you on your bicycle until you ride it.  Don’t make excuses and fabricate obstacles.  Just start riding.

The answers are everywhere.  In every breath.  In every sunrise.  In every vivid, life affirming, stunningly free moment you spend on your bicycle.  Electric cycling has extended the possibilities of commuting into more communities while expanding business potential with electric cargo-bike systems.

All cycling’s life affirming benefits are there for those willing to change.  Just go for a ride.  Errands are a pleasure on a bicycle.  Friends often astounded how efficient my grocery rides and errands appear.  I see them often from two-wheels.  All trapped on four-wheels looking for parking spots, buying gasoline or in slow-lines for fast-food.

Cost savings, vastly improved health.  Not to mention you are truly living life when your life revolves around cycling.  There is no life inside that automobile just pointless debt and stress.  Simplify and personify your life with a bicycle if you truly want too live life.  A bike ride a day keeps all the doctors away!

My Bicycle, Both Tool and Toy, A Key To Life’s Joy.