What I’ve Learned On Lockdown.

March will be 365 days of pandemic life.  Uncertainty looms regardless of the new Biden administrations freshman enthusiasm.  Any economic recovery will be a slow train coming.  Our futures will be of our own making as we are all making it up moment to moment.

Finding work that won’t kill you is a new consideration of survival despite what politicians believe.  Many of US have learned all to well that living off the unemployment we payed for is not the life of luxury the republicans fantasize for US.  As this virus rages and mutates along with our national debt here is what I’ve learned and had reinforced at a pandemic rate.

  • I miss work tremendously.
  • America is exceptional at nothing but lying to itself.
  • American’s idea of democracy is askew.
  • American’s know little about socialism as they live it.
  • We have 100% socialism for the extremely wealthy and corporations.
  • Without corporations paying taxes there is no society.
  • The poor and middle-class can no longer support the entire country.
  • Without a return to pre NAFTA industrial America there will be no America.
  • If we don’t make anything we can’t be anything.
  • Minimum wage needs to be set at $20 per hour as a start.

Just A Few More.

  • I could not have more respect for my bicycle.
  • The value of every moment is invaluable.
  • The staggering importance of cycling to society.
  • Global warming has control over our future.
  • Relaxation is an acquired taste.  The more you taste the more you like it.
  • There is nothing wrong with doing nothing.
  • Nothingness is one of my life’s most creative places.
  • Time is a point of view!
  • There are many among US who choose ignorance as a lifestyle intentionally?
  • The consequences of this generationally nurtured ignorance have arrived.
  • It’s not the uneducated it’s those who choose to be uneducated that trouble US all!

In the nothingness of todays time I wonder?  Why Home Advisor?  Why a generation of men wear their pants falling off?  Why people choose selective-ignorance and self-delusion while the reality and facts of said ignorant delusions are killing them?  All this stupidity can be yours for the of?  Price of a dollar?

From this cyclists perspective what we need to eliminate in the next four years is.

  • Elimination of war and our war based economy.
  • Eliminate the electoral college and all DC-lobbying.
  • Reverse Citizens United.
  • Eliminate today’s police recruiting standards.
  • Eliminate College Debt.

From this cyclists perspective what we need in the next four years is.

  • A functioning third party free of all those bull shit rules restricting candidates not bank ordained.
  • Real debates without wall streets and Madison avenues pre-anointed stooges.  Trump was the GOP’s best!
  • We need term-limits.
  • We need a restoration of corporate taxes.
  • We need Universal Health Care.
  • We need better paid teachers.
  • We need a better paid %99.
  • We need the ability to afford to work and live.
  • We need a serious return to common-sense and extensive self-reflection.

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  • We need nature, clean air, water, soil, birds, bees, trees, plants, food.  It’s all chained together.  Life!
  • We need those who use to ask themselves.  Why Twitter, Facebook, Insta-Me?  Who is me?

Now The Do I Needs?

  • Do I need cable television?
  • Do I need anything delivered over-night or anything delivered at all?
  • Do I need that second car?
  • Do I need a car?
  • Do I need this job?  Do I hate this job?
  • Do I need this garage full of shit don’t use?
  • Do I need a storage space?
  • Do I need needless debt and stress?
  • Do I need to run this fast?
  • Do I need two of anything?  If so what?

What do you need?  A simple question for some?  It’s not until you lose what you consider “It All”.  Then you discover what your real needs are.  I had only a tent a bicycle a backpack of life essentials and a JetBoil.

I discovered a freedom I never imagined in my tent.  It was the banks and lawyers picking of my bones providing my path to real freedom.  Many nights tented, thinking how simple it can be?  Life.  Yet you are conned and culturally conditioned into a mindless Madison avenue, Wall street manipulated drone slaving your way through capitalisms plan for your life.

I was grateful day and night for my tent, bike, sleeping bag, thrift store, recreation center showers, 24/7 King Soopers WIFI, Starbucks coffee, rest-rooms, raw-sugar packets and green coffee-cup plugs, essential to any coffee drinking cyclists.

From my tent I was blessed with every sun-set and rise in natures silence.  The silence of wind, water, birds and bees.  The crackling trees.  The silence of my thoughts mixed vividly in natures sound track.  The sound track of life.  Today I have a wooden roof over my head which I am grateful for.  It’s the constant sounds of automobiles and money again that I have no gratitude for.  They are after all the sounds of our demise.