Georgia’s Black Voters Saved Democracy!

Georgia’s black voters saved democracy.  As history proves the oppressed will not to be discounted.   No one will miss Mitch McConnell’s treasonous reign and obsequiousness to the Trump Child. Can white American selective-ignorance look in the mirror for once before self extinction?  What it takes to be great anywhere is respect for all people not just the white ones.

Georgia's Black Voters Saved Democracy!

Or do you just not give a shit?  Are you one of those ignoramuses?  Trumps parade of American ignorance was on proud display in DC last week.  The humiliating ignorance of this “basket of deplorables” represent fifty years of capitalisms version of democracy not the American working peoples version of the democracy we need right now.  Fifty-six new billionaires created in the USA off your hard work and their tax-avoidance during this pandemic.

In the face of constant ballet tampering and voter suppression Georgia’s Black Americans are saving white America from self-destruction in the face of constant voter suppression.   Alternative or not a fact.

Georgia's Black Voters Saved Democracy For Now!

Ivy League ignorant, primarily fat white men have ruled the world since day one and totally fucked everything up while completely dedicated to humanity’s destruction for a buck.  The Church of The Dollar.  Religion is a business.  A business of bull-shit when degraded to a self-serving divisive tool for the historic ignorance of the GOP.  History proves this as well.  Believer or not.

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Georgia’s Black voters saved democracy.  Having done their job.  Will the democrats do theirs?  America and more importantly American’s need a completely new direction in every direction.

We need universal basic income and universal health care for all for starters immediately.  We need a green-transportation and green-infrastructure bill.  We need term limits, wall-street regulation, corporations too pay taxes again.  We do not need lobbyist, the electoral college, gerrymandering and racial re-districting is brings in tow.  With the constant tail-wind of true democracy at our backs we can ride out of today’s head-winds on a cycle of micro-mobilitySeventeen point-three percent, totaling almost forty-billion automobile trips, of all automobile trips are only six to ten miles.  Five percent, approximately eleven-billion automobile trips are less then half a mile?  Electric bicycles can handle more miles if you were previously outside the range of a human powered commute, errands or adventure.  

Our entire way of governance and view of democracy is in desperate need of revolution.  Keep the parts that work for the working people of America and dispense with the broken greed driven nepotism of white ignorant governance.  A democracy where the working people select the candidates/leaders not the greedy hoard driving all of humanity over this cliff of ignorance.

Without corporations paying taxes over the last fifty years American society has gradually crumbled now infected with capitalism.  The pandemic only accelerated the symptoms after decades of capitalist self-delusion with blatant pompous public neglect of it’s people.

Our greatest need is a new peoples political party with new younger political leadership.  Real leaders from state, local and community colleges.  It’s the Ivy-Leaguers that put us in this dire situation.  A fellow American dying every thirty seconds.  Let’s call it The American Party.  Built with common-sense, truth and real American people not the Ivy-league regurgitated selectively-ignorant capitalist drones who’ve brought us all to the edge’s of our own extinction.  Mother Nature Bat’s Last! 

There is no debate.  Stay stupid or face reality.  We either continue on this self-delusional, selectively-ignorant path or adapt too humanities dormant brilliance on all those roads we’ve yet to travel.

What does all this have to do with cycling?  Take a ride and you tell me!