The Family That Rides Together Thrives Together.

The magical life affirming influences of cycle shine brightest when your family rides in unison.  A favorite sight of mine is a family full of smiles out for a bicycle ride.  A vision of the future.  Three to five cyclists can accomplish many day to day tasks on bicycles while having fun keeping fit and saving money.

Cycling’s all encompassing benefits compliment each other creating a feedback loop of positivity infusing every aspect of family life with cycling’s fun, practicality, common-sense, fun, health, fitness, adventure.  So dust off and tune up any idle cycles.

TOPEAK manufactures a wide array of efficient rack systems.  A back-pack will do as well.

Pandemic has shaken every family life by it’s roots.  A cycling family is a happy family.  I see them on every ride bringing another smile to my day.  The family bicycle picnic then maybe form groups and ride some errands.  You don’t know what you can accomplish on a bicycle until you do it.

Learn together as a family, bicycle mechanics, repair, work with tools.  Take advantage of all the common sense logistical skills you will discover with your families future rooted in cycling.

A bicycle is both tool and toy.  A gateway to knowledge.  You will learn and accomplish more in life on a bicycle while living a vivid life immersed in nature.  In the automobile all your sense are trapped.  Don’t confuse sitting in an automobile with being outside.  If the suns direct light is not shining on your skin for the majority of your days hours you are not really living your are merely existing.

Incorporating cycling in your families future roots will be the most beneficial and cost effective move your can make for your family in these uncertain times.  You will find cycling bring more control to your entire life.  Additionally cycling brings practicality, efficiencies, cost saving, constant learning, family unity, family health, family fun and adventure.  Every day.

Consider selling a second car?  Upgrade and dust off existing bikes and equip those without.  Used bikes and electric-bikes should be considered.  Electric bicycles make all this more doable extending range and load capabilities.

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I’ve never been riding my bicycle an wished I was in a car.  When I do find myself in a car I wish I was on my bicycle!  Have you ever been in a car with three children and wished your were all on bicycles?   It is the journey after all.  This ride called life.  If your going to ride you might want to be the one do the pedaling.