Is Your New Years Resolution?  A Revolution!

The most positive and realistic New Years Resolution you can make for yourself?  Start riding a bicycle as much as possible and revolutionize your world.  If you ride a bike your diet and overall health will follow you.  Your bicycle is a conglomeration of resolutions all linked to an endless trail of life-affirming destinations.  Commit to the bicycle it’s a real revolution and so worth the ride.  I have specific loops designed for each errand arriving home almost forgotten about the errand that got me on my bicycle.  Resulting in a week full of adventure and exploration not drudgery, stress and errands ensnared in a car.

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Cycling personifies a common-sense lifestyle.  Every element of cycling is beneficial as cycling has no down side.  Everything you do/accomplish on your bicycle makes sense.  Start with the fact that your are free on your bicycle no longer ambushed and hoodwinked, prey to the automobiles subterfuge.

Commuting by bicycle puts and end to many of life’s needless purchases as you ponder actual need over desire.  I’ve found if I can’t carry it on my bicycle I don’t need it.  If I need to make two trips all the better.  Errands and shopping locally are a joy on your bike.  You will find new ways around town greeting new friends with every bicycle adventure.

Ironically it took a pandemic to thrust cycling’s shear brilliance into the limelight.  Since March 2020 the cycling revolutions revolutionary pace has revolutionized many lives.  Bicycles sales historic and electric-bicycle and cargo-bicycle technology has arrived right on time.  The comingling of cycling, technology and engineering will play a critical role in saving humanity from itself.  Until you make the shift too a cycling life your life will be out of cycle.

Filling your lungs with the freedom of cycling every day will rejuvenate your life from the inside out.  The Maroon Bells outside Aspen, Colorado offers world-class immersion in nature through a lens and a bicycle.  The scenery is best experienced on a bicycle.  Cycling to and from The Bells will take your breath away up-hill, down-hill and everywhere in between.   Put this story together with some great friends for National Geographic a while back.  A great day at the office.  I’ve made this ride four times since.

Electric bicycles are extremely revolutionary.  Extending range, cargo potential and motivation.  Electric Cargo Bicycles can power many of todays small business and move significant cargo regionally.  Electric Cycling creates new bike messenger, package and food delivery options.  Electric Bicycle food cart, ice-cream e-bike with socially distanced karaoke.

Noam Chomsky has had a stellar career providing the truth.  Seems not enough of us have been listening.  I once passed Mr. Chomsky along the Charles River in Boston.  He had a wonderful bicycle for such an intelligent man.  Noam sums up all of humanities problems in two minutes here.  I encourage your to pick up a few of his books as well as a bicycle.  If you can read you will see truth in all Mr. Chomsky’s words.  If your not a reader.   Requiem For The American Dream is in documentary form here.

Noam Chomsky will open as many doors as cycling will for you.  He is a world renowned linguist and has a clear vision of what we need in 2021 and beyond.

Ring in 2021 with your resolution to revolution.  The bicycle is a synergy of human ingenuity and possibilities.  Both tool and toy.  Efficient, practical, enjoyable, affordable and life-affirming.  If you care about yourself I can safely assume care about your planet equally.  Tomorrow is day one of your new revolutionary future and all it requires is a bicycle.

Happy New Year!