Chainge Humanity.  One Link at a Time.

Unlink from capitalisms blinding grip over your life’s soul.  Humanities existence is directly linked to our planets health.  Mother Nature will evict humanity soon for planetary neglect, apparently there’s a clause regarding selective-ignorance.  It’s not even in fine print.  If we treated our homes like we treat this plant?  We’d be homeless.

Continuing down these roads of selective-ignorance will kill us all.  Planet Earth will live on without the plague of human ignorance if we stay on this perplexing path of self-delusional self-destruction.  Apparently we can convince ourselves of anything for a dollar or two.

All our solvable problems are linked to this selective-ignorance.  Ignoring the inconvenient is a plague unto itself. We created our problems blinded in pursuit of capitalisms carefully crafted image of ourselves.  If you choose to be controlled that is.  Automobiles are designed to control humans with the illusion of convivence while picking your pocket a mile at a time.

Chainging Humanity One Link At A Time.

Is your life spoon feed to you through a television remote and cell-phone?  Feeling used and manipulated?   Are you riding the roads of your choosing?  If not get on a bicycle now.  Change everything about your current delusional lifestyle with the intrinsic efficiencies and countless benefits cycling will embellish your life with.  Don’t tolerate capitalisms continued consumption your soul.  Unchain you lifestyle with a bicycle today.  You will not look back.

Capitalist Distraction Strategy is linked to the designed ignorance planned for and plaguing US.  It’s linked to all our daily linked-delusions.  Linked to capitalisms advertising, linked to cell-phones, linked to prescription-drugs, linked to alcohol, pro-sports, socialism for billionaires, molestation of religions, destruction of journalism, devastating wealth-inequality and marketing of war.  This self-serving, delusional selective-ignorance, continual denial of reality and total dedication to ignorance and it’s perpetuation, all hallmarks of capitalisms tremendous dedication to ignorance and greed at all costs.

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It’s changing humanity immediately that’s at issue.  No small effort with plenty of issues needing critical attention critically.  Society is a heat engine.  Everything we do, eat, buy, move, drive, build, pave, consume insanely and ignore creates heat.   All this heat trapped in the earths atmosphere accumulating since coal was first ignited is linked directly to Mother Natures reaction in defense of her own survival?  We are living at the dawn of Mother Natures backlash.  She is an independent!

Unlinking the automobile from your lifestyle is the most effective way to play your role in helping save the humans.  A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.  Then there is the collateral-carbon involved in automobiles.  Eight gallons of oil in every automobile tires.  Then we burn them.  If you can eliminate a car form your life do it.  Do it now.

Strategize with family, friends and neighbors in unlinking your community with bicycles.  If you have an extra bike?  Is there someone you know, or someone you know who knows someone that could really use that second bike you ride once in a blue planet?

Chainging Humanity One Link At A Time.

On top of carbon dioxide (CO2), automobiles produce methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O)  from the exhaust-pipe. Additionally hydrofluorocarbon emissions from millions of leaking air conditioners. The emissions of these gases are small in comparison to CO2; yet the impacts are concerning as they have a higher level of global warming potential than CO2.

Chainging Humanity One Link At A Time.

Eliminating a car is the most effective single action one can take in helping to save us all from extinction. 

Another reality humans choose to ignore about themselves on our self-perpetuated date with extinction.  The American diet is an environmental disaster unto itself.

Your need to unlink from beef follows your dispensing of that automobile on this unlinking journey from a lifestyle killing you to a lifestyle unlinked from capitalisms blinding grip.  Ride a bicycle now and experience the freedom missing from the dollar driven lifestyle presently devouring your soul.

Land use statistics for meat consumption!

  • Pasture for Meat and Milk 24 %
  • National Parks 3 %
  • Unsustainable for Crops 30 %
  • Food and Fiber Crops12 %
  • Forests 31 %

A staggering 12,009 gallons of water is needed to bring one pound of beef to your mouth.  This 12,009 gallon figure based on water consumed over two plus year time frame for food cattle.  Dairy cattle live up to four years then turned to burger meat.  Range cattle live up to six years.

Consider your diet’s effect on our future?  Literally two half-pound burgers equals 12,009 gallons of water down the drain.  Excluding the water for lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, onions, the wheat for the bun.  Not to mention the packaging, gasoline and diesel involved with needlessly moving food that should be local.

Unlink your soul now starting with a bicycle.  Life from a bicycles prospective could be the prospective eluding your life.  Is a cycling based lifestyle the life you’ve been in search of while hostage to that car?

Cycling brings your life into balance.  In sixty years of life the bicycle has proved to be my life’s most valuable tool and experience.  This simple Chainge in your lifestyle is only a bicycle ride away.  Link your life to your bicycle today.  You won’t regret the chain-reaction.  It’s revolutionary.