Ten critical films and documentaries For every cyclists who enjoys riding a bicycle and have concerns for cycling and humanities future.  These eight films and documentaries take a deep dive into the realities that continue evading many.

Most if not all American history has been cultivated and twisted to serve the needs of greed, power and war.

Don’t believe the news dropped in your lap by the conglomerates.  Look elsewhere for your information on the roads less traveled.  Democracy Now for instance.

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, BBC all lie to you as part of their business model.  If your news source is not paid for by you and me it ain’t news.  It’s brainwashing designed to manufacture consent.

There was a time news divisions were not profit centers.  They just reported the news and facts.  No interference from bankers.  Today bankers own journalism.  Once Reagan allowed the dollar in the newsroom and dismantled the FCC it infected journalism like the virus capitalism is.  This virus of disinformation is disseminated twenty-four-seven-three-sixty-five directly into American society now for decades.

The results evident to all of US today as tens of millions continue voting against their own best interest reinforcing their diluted views of the world implanted and refreshed since birth via that remote control and cell phone in your hand.

What we really need in our hands is our Handel-Bars not remotes and phones.