Auto implies self.  There is nothing auto about automobiles.  Without oil, an endless supply of cash and air pollution there is no automobile.  Automobiles are in fact slave-driven Oilmobiles.  Make no mistake.  If you own a car you are enslaved.  Your bicycle is your life’s true auto-mobile and your only path to real freedom with access to a real life.  Don’t stay trapped in that car.  Just paying for your life along the way blinded by consumerism while  unknowingly ignoring the affirming life awaiting you on your bicycle while trapped in and enslaved too your Oilmobile.  Is this your life?  If so change it now and live life.  Don’t just live through it.

The irony of filling ones garage with Oilmobile-fumes as a popular method of suicide is not that ironic.  Yes humanities garage is now full of carbon-dioxide yet many continue killing themselves and Mother Nature with this selectively-ignorant use of The Oilmobile.  This fact I know.  You can ride a bicycle on a trainer all day every day in your garage for the rest of your life and live a long life.

Humanities deadliest virus for centuries now is Selective-Ignorance.  Being stupid is one thing.  Choosing to be stupid on the other hand?  Well it just seems stupid to choose to be stupid.  I’ve been wrong before but I am certain that choosing to be stupid is stupid.  Humans do a lot of stupid things.

The adeptness of human stupidity is impressive.  Look around at all we’ve allowed ourselves to ignore today at extinctions dawn.  Undoubtedly an impressive level of ignorance!  Tens of millions just voted against their own best interest again in this land of capitalistic delusional-democracy.

Children walk, run and bicycle everywhere free to discover their lives and subsequent relationship with mother nature.  It’s only the slow assault of capitalism on our youth that drives many of US from our bicycles.  Unchain yourself from the pandemic of capitalisms grip or continue chasing that dollar off capitalisms cliff of human extinction.  Grab your life by the handle-bars today.  You won’t look back.  It’s a joy ride.  A bicycle life that is.  It took losing everything for me to realize what I needed.  Turned out I didn’t never needed everything.  Just my bicycle.

Riding a bicycle is a simple, effective and efficient way to play your part in saving the humans.  The fastest and most efficient way me and you can effect meaningful change and do our part in saving this planet for everyone is to make the bicycle part of American Lifestyle.  Now.  There are no downsides.  If your solo it’s simple.  Family even more so with your own cycling team at home.  Cycling will embellish family synergy continually providing new paths to family adventures and collaborations simply not possible trapped in that Oilmobile you pay so much for.

Sell the second car.  Sell any car you can.  Get bicycles for your family.  Slow down.  Plan your days on two wheels, relax take a bicycle ride for your groceries and errands whenever possible.  If you can’t carry it on your bicycle do you really need it?

Electric Bicycles and E-Cargo Bikes are work-horses extending range and load capabilities for individuals, families and business.  Harley Davidson and Ducati now manufacture e-bikes.  You can keep those leathers when you trade-in your carbon powered Harley on and electric Ducati next week.

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Every time your on your bicycle you are not dying in your Oilmobile.  Our lives are on the line.  Join the bicycle revolution at today’s new Starting Line or fade into human-extinction at yesterday’s Finished Line?  You best start now or we will all be finished soon.  Unchain your life from capitalisms hold over your life today.  All you need is simple bike ride.  You will find an endless trail of answers full of life affirming solutions.  It’s a great ride.  I promise.