I love it when I’m procrastinating that extra seven mile loop only to realize I’m halfway into the loop I was just thinking about not riding.  Losing track of time is an excellent drug for todays instabilities.  Cycling could be life’s most practical, abundant, life affirming fun method of losing track of time.

Depending on the cost of your bicycle cycling could also be life’s best and most cost effective therapist on the road.  Miles of assorted couches with free advice in a clear headed space.  A time-zone for cyclists only.  Cycling is the best place to shake that monkey from your back and slip into the time-zone you need.  I’m sure someone’s grandmother said “You can’t ride a bicycle with a monkey on your back.  It’s not safe for you or the monkey and certainly not that giraffe.”

Actually it was Groucho Marx grandmother at the circus.  There was a giraffe apparently riding a bicycle with a monkey on it’s back in the main ring.  A chimp mind you.  Grandmother Marx was overheard in the audience by a popcorn vendor who was Woody Allen’s cousin.  That’s a story for a different ride. The Woody Allen’s cousin thing that is.  I could get flagged on Facebook for this potentially fake news.  Like I said a time-zone for cyclists only.

I’ve always loved that instant I step on my pedal and realize I’ve made my best decision of the day.  I’ll take a long ride in the snow over one minute in any kindergarten cubical corporate or not.

I love it when I ride my bike.  I love it in spring.  I love it in summer.  In the fall.  In winter.  At night.  In the morning. In the moonlight.  In a blizzard. In the rain?  In evening or any other time.  Especially at dusk.  As a matter of fact you can ride your bike anytime you want anywhere you want as far as you need.  This is no alternative fact.

It’s free, fun, life-affirming, good for you, fun, I mean really fun.  Always fun.  With out a doubt cycling is tremendous fun.  Another matter of fact.  I just got back from another ride and it was a shit load of fun.

I have to say every time I ride that bicycle I have fun.  Fun with adrenaline, speed, evolution and oxygen-debt.  This time-zone is becoming an addiction.  Everyone needs a different time-zone lately!  If you made it this far thru this time reading you must ask yourself.  Is my bicycle actually a time-machine? I know mine is.  Take a ride with me.  I’ll prove it.

I Thought Of This On My Bicycle In Another Time-Zone.