Get these clueless so-called leaders of their asses out of those limousines we pay for and put them on bicycles.  Many of these belt-way bozos are pale-white, bloated and look like they just had a two day bender with Steve Bannon and Jeffery Epstein.  They are helpless, clueless with zero common-sense and have no idea what it’s like to be an American living, working and struggling to survive moment to moment in this country they are working to destroy with their tremendous self-delusional selective-ignorance.

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This Eclectic Group of Cyclists Proves It’s Possible.

I believe if you can’t ride a bicycle to work as a political leader you are either too old or too stupid to be a politician.  Politicians deserve no special treatment or any amount of reverence.  They are just humans, apparently seriously flawed humans.  They work for us and they suck at their jobs.  I’ve seen real children negotiate over candy and toys more effectively.  The dumbest I knew growing up went to “The Best Schools”.  The biggest assholes in college the same.  Just attend one fraternity party if you doubt me Justice Kavanaugh. 

Our history of electing what is served up to US makes US responsible for today’s complete governmental failure.  Rich people make shitty politicians and our two party system is a scam.  The residue of democracy and all our lives hang in the balance.  We need at least one more party in our illusion of democracy today and a popular vote.

In 1991, Musical Cycling Legend Frank Zappa was considering an independent bid for the White House and he wanted Ross Perot to be his running mate.

Frank Zappa Teaches Steve Allen To Play The Bicycle in 1963.

Frank Zappa was a visionary prophet who told the truth most don’t want to hear.  Imagine our current president debating Mr. Zappa?  If you don’t know Frank Zappa watch this Dick Cavett Show for enlightenment he is not just a musical wizard.  I know life runs at a different pace today but try to slow down and listen to Frank messages.

My message is.  Cycling is critical to our survival.  Take a ride today.  Think about it.  Allow cycling to enrich, affirm and save your life.  It’s a great ride I promise you won’t look back.