Are you a cyclists working the corporate rat-race?  When your at work do you wish you were on your bicycle?  Do you know other cyclists trapped in the same corporate ruts?  Are you all under paid, over-worked and essential to the business?  Ever consider going on strike?

Here is a soft-strike strategy.  The idea is to organize random national Strike On Your Bike Day’s.  A network of Strike Club Bike Clubs.  Activate all cyclists to call in sick or as I referred to it during my corporate enslavement “calling in sane” randomly and go for a ride in group, solo or as a family.  Be it one rider, one hundred-thousand, one-million, every ride benefits you, your family and our planet.  Eventually this collective action will get a reaction.  If you presence is critical at work make sure you are treated as such.  Your time and effort is worth as much as any executives and in most cases much, much more.

Corporations exploit everyone paying slave wages for your ideas and labor while clueless executives and their nepotistic boards of mis-directors steal all the profits from your ideas, toil and under-paid stress.  You are the essential workers making these clueless clowns wealthy from your work and ideas while you and your families scrape by.

Utilize your paid or unpaid sick days as Family Cycling Days or Strike Club Bike Club Days.  Make your value understood at work by not going to work on a series of random days annually.  Don’t sandbag any co-workers or jeopardize any deadlines.  Just massage the situation drawing awareness to who actually matters in these endeavors.

If you strategize properly it is possible.  Leave a few finished elements aside on a project at the office while you have the project completed and backed up.  Call in sick ahead of it’s deadline.  Tell work your not sure if you will make it in this week and go for a long ride.  During that ride contemplate another ride tomorrow and call in sane again?

When not at work turn off your work cell-phone or block co-workers calls.  You do this because when you are not at work you are not at work and already under-paid.

Additionally if you ride a bicycle regularly your health will continue improving as your unused sick days will otherwise disappear into some executives pocket.  Essentially get paid to ride your bicycle and not be at work.  I’ve been without a car and doctor’s visit since 2007.

Cooperative owned businesses will define the business future if we survive the environmental degradation already unleashed by traditional cooperate greed and the tremendous self-delusional selective-ignorance of capitalism to date.  Basically in a cooperative business everyone owns a piece, has a say in how the company functions and no one makes seven to ten-thousand times more then their co-workers.  Cooperation and collaboration will free us from todays madness.  It’s clear where decades of capitalistic narrow mindedness and selective-ignorance has not gotten us.

American middle-class was it’s strongest when unions were dominant.  Ron Reagan put and end to unions the FCC and corporate taxes and it’s been a dangerous downhill ride ever since.  Ron was a racists and a moron.  Must be why he is held in such high regard by the GOP.  Reagan killed the middle-class, journalism and American society.  He personified ignorance.  Reagan paved the political and journalistic roads with ignorance and opened a toll free highway for Trumps campaign of ignorant hate and selective stupidity.  The only thing trickling downward in America since Ronny Ray-Gun is intellect.

Uncle Sam in a greedy capitalists warmonger!

The relentless terror unleashed on humanity by Uncle Sam’s mercenaries funded by American taxpayers personifies American selective-ignorance.  All reinforced by todays oligarchical brain-washed media world of twenty-four-seven spoon feed ignorance and consumerism.

Facebook and Twitter are custom built to sell Americans ignorance.  Ego driven apps designed to use you up in everyway you can’t imagine.  Watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix to see how much you don’t know about yourself online.   Netflix pays little if any corporate taxes so try to watch on a friends existing account.

Think about striking out on your bike today in solidarity and taking control of your value and time.  Call in sane asap you won’t find a better use of an unused sick-day.  Ride alone, with family, with family and alone or form that Bike Club Strike Club in you community now.  No fancy info tracking app necessary.  Good old e-mail will do the job or a simple WordPress Site.