Cycling has always been life’s great escape.  Ten months into pandemic cycling is my only escape, let’s face it about 1% of the content on-line is worth watching Classic Films are still best.  Aboard a bicycle one instantly forgets the unreality of our reality the moment your foot and pedal unify and the escape begins.

Never get off the bike.  Never get out of the boat. Cyclist or solider we all share Chef’s tremendous frustration from that jungle with everyday life.  Today the tigers are politicians and corporations.

Since March I’ve grown vegetables, marijuana, hemp, baked pies, bread, cakes, cookies, scones and made every imaginable crepe combination and experimental oatmeal recipe my imagination will allow.  I’ve painted and renovated rooms, emptied basements, hung gutters, shot how to videos, had clavicle surgery, repaired and installed every know home-appliance, learned 3-D printing and invented two new products.  I fit these in between countless life affirming bike rides.

This lockdown lifestyle has provided an opportunity to learn new skills and fall back on a lifetime of others.  My most critical skill-sets from my Father.  Others acquired along this growingly diverse ride.

Not sure which way to roll in times of uncertainty?  Cycling has provided many rational solutions for me.  Clear-headedness thrives on a bicycle.  Something about all the senses in rhythm with the bicycle and nature. 

It’s your clear space in this universe today.  Take advantage of it now and again and again.