The weather is spectacularly shocking this December in Golden, Colorado.  Tuesday December 8, 2020 it’s sleeveless and shorts, socks optional.  Wednesday’s forecasted warmer.  Yes the planet is getting warmer, much fucking warmer.  It is impossible to deny unless you choose to.

Two critical literary works in my cycling lifetime.  Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring 1962 and more recently David Wallace Wells authored of the most significant document humans can read to date.  First published in the New York Times Magazine 2017 “The Uninhabitable Earth.  Life After Warming” If this doesn’t scare the shit out of you your already dead.  Dead to reality!


If you consider yourself an informed cyclists you share my concerns over the demise of the outdoors.  If you consider yourself an informed cyclists and don’t watch Democracy Now you are misinformed.  Democracy Now is 100% publicly funded.  No flashy set’s just the real news about the entire planet you need to see.  There is a world outside America continually getting screwed by American’s willingness to ignore the suffering of others who are not dying in their front yards.  All this needless suffering is a result of our blindness to capitalisms destructive powers on this planet.

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, PBS.  All of them complicit of conspiratorially collaborations in their collusion with the oligarchic greed dismantling society and what’s left of our delusional version of democracy.

Corporate controlled news is just that.  The shows and set are designed as sporting events and create a circus like environment.  Distract and misinform is the name of the network news game.  It’s all bull-shit and consumerism 24-7-365 with a fox leading the way.  I’ll leave Facebook, Twitter and the other mind killing apps aside for now as they are built from the ground up to Brain Wash all their users.  “Users” a word deployed by the drug trade?

Pandemic distraction has shifted any focus off our coming extinction.  We may lose focus on reality Mother Nature won’t.  This virus is Mother Nature repelling the ignorance of the human virus destroying the earth for a buck.  The more we invade, cut-down and ignore the more dire the consequences grow out of our control.

Eliminating a second car has a meaningful impact.  Eight gallons of oil in each car tire.  More energy is spent extracting most of todays hard to reach oil then is harvested.  It takes 2.1 gallons of crude oil to produce one gallon of gas.  Fracking is stupid.  It pollutes water and returns considerably less energy when harvested.  Simply put more gallons of gas in less gallons of gas out.  Taxpayers subsidize this insanity along with Exxon, Shell and all the other destroyers of humanity.

Ride your bicycle now to avert environmental collapse.  If we all don’t take some action to help we will all suffer.  Our children will suffer the most.  Grandchildren even more.