If god was a cyclists would he believe in himself?  I had an experience know as parochial-school it was a breeding ground for my atheism.  All the fear, terror, fire and brimstone reinforced by completely unbelievable fairy-tales designed to build some kind of blind faith based selective-ignorance.  I wasn’t buying it.


Jesus is cool.  God is a capitalist’s.

Parochial school showed me religion was invented to keep people from thinking about reality.  The school bus full of children launches off a cliff and it’s God’s will.  He sounds like a great guy.  Can’t wait to not meet him.

Since 1961 I’ve seen nothing god-like about humanity or god.  Thus far god’s are just murderous war-mongers.  Our president is proof of religions selective-ignorance.  The blindness of religion is right up his ally.  He plays them like a god.  Yet he’s no alter-boy spreading fear, hate, death and war.  Just like gods do.  I see why evangelicals and the religious right/wrong worship him.

If there was a god he certainly would have hit the president with a chunk of space debris on the golf course by now or possibly lighting?  Is The Donald god’s will?  If so he would have been on that school bus.

I sorted out the adult lying and bull-shit of life growing up on my bicycle.  Realizing mother nature was God.  She gave me life and continues to.  No pre-conditions.  Just life no lies.

So yes God is a cyclists.  I see her everyday, everywhere just riding my bicycle and she clearly believes in herself.