Cycle your way to the freedom of a simpler life.  Dispense with needless debt, debt-stress, questionable health, lockdown, reality and all the other stress’s that clutter our souls today.  Escape some, eliminate many, all these life destabilizing circumstances can be negotiated with clarity on your bicycle.

  • Do we need that second car?
  • Insurance, fuel, maintenance, registration, taxes?
  • How much does this car clutter our lives and finances?
  • Needless purchases while driving thru consumerism?
  • Is driving a car killing me and our planet?
  • Am I happier trapped in a car and traffic versus the freedom on my bicycle?
  • What’s obstacles am I creating in avoidance of this positive change?
  • I never clean snow off my bike?

What can you accomplish on your bicycle today?  What can you accomplish on your bicycle moving forward?  Cycling will prove the most practical deployment of your time.  A bicycle is a transport mechanism for many things critical to your life and soul.

As a child that feeling of escape your bicycle blessed you with?  It still feels that way today.  Escape needless stress and debt now.  It’s just a bicycle ride away.  Everyday.

Sell the second car.  Infuse your families life with cycling’s simplicity and freedom.

A wonderful family-film diversion today is the best Cycling Film ever  “Breaking Away” it’s free on YouTube presently.  If you’ve seen it you will again.  If you haven’t you will.  Then you will own it.  Cyclist or not a tremendous film in every manner from first frame to last.  More classic cycling films found here:

Physical benefits of cycling clear, metal not so clear as I discover more about this journey with every ride. 

Cycling has embellished my life in ways I’ll never understand.  I feel the same about Mother-Nature.  Who I consider God.  She gave us life and sustains life.  She doesn’t terrify school children with religious horror stories.  She does not create wars.  She does not pollute and poison herself and she never lie’s.  You tell me.

Humans have disrespected and terrorized their Mother at an insane pace since capitalisms industrial-revolution conspiring with the automobile started raping her with dollar-bills as it’s prophylactics.

As our government plays Russian-Roulette with all of US and our so-called leader continues play life from the sand-traps do you want to be trapped in a car for the rest of you existence?  Or would you prefer spending more of the remainder of your life riding your bicycle in freedom?  This is not a trick question?

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Every mile in your car is a mile closer to your death.   Every mile on your bike?  Take a ride today and find your answers.  With a 121% increase in bicycle sales we are our way.