There is no debating the fact that riding a bicycle is better for everyone and everything on earth.  Every ride, everyday, helps everyone, everywhere.  Cycling is a conglomeration of unimaginable synergies and will revolutionize your life if you just roll with it and ride a bicycle now.

Human powered ingenuity will be essential to human survival.  A step sideways technologically maybe but a necessary step towards human survival.  Oil fueled greed has proved to be our road to planarity death with our clocks ticking at a dangerously ignorant pace.

If we all ride in this common direction and stay focused on the raw and severe environmental realities and consequences now in our faces all our children might have a chance of surviving this tour called life we put them on.  Are you ashamed as a parent to have been a part in this madness?  I hope so.  If not stop reading now.

The political missing link in any survivable future for humanity is A Green Party and any other party rooted in common-sense.  In this vast country of impeccable diversity there are certainly more than two ideas on which to run the entire country?

End times have come for republicans and democrats!  This democrat republican thing is a joke and proved moronic along with the electoral college and the outdated Constitution.  The second amendment was penned in a time of muskets.  A close reading of the constitution will reveal agendas not shared in grade schools glossing over of our checkered history as a faux democracy.

If we survive it will be with an entirely new political system.  As a result of corona-virus and the coming economic collapse we are on the brink of extinction because of white selectively-ignorant greed driven so-called leadership owned and controlled by unimaginable oligarchic greed.  We are now a society where human life is disposable when a dollar is to be made.  The rich are watching the poor and middle-class die in the thousands every day yet nothing to date has stopped capitalisms tremendous ignorance. Until we’re all dead that is.  “With great wealth comes tremendous stupidity.”  The Grim Reaper.

The Real Deep State plaguing humanity are the Bankers and those who have stolen all the planets cash.  The cash global societies needs to sustain themselves is now hoarded in the hands of less then zero point one percent of worlds people who have historically rapped the rest of humanity and all but destroyed an entire planet.  History has proved one thing.  Money Breeds Selective-Ignorance and a Lifetime of Self-Delusion. 

Bicycles are critical to our survival now.  We will transition to a greener lifestyle or perish.  If we stop burning all carbon right now we are still facing serious peril environmentally.

All of us are alive because of a five to ten inch layer of Top-Soil yet we treat it like dirt just as the rest of this life sustaining planet we ignore in pursuit of economic greatness while continually stumbling through ignorance thus far.  You can count on Mother Nature for the truth.  It’s all she believes in.

As corona-virus distracts us from the environmental catastrophe we are all facing the wrong direction on.  Turning your back to reality is frankly, turning your back on reality.  Today we are all the problem and we need desperately to appreciate our own selective-ignorance or else?  There will be no humans on this planet by 2050 otherwise.

Making a bicycle integral to your life is as easy as riding a bike. You and your families lives depend on it.  Do it now.  Empower your family with the power of cycling.  It will rejuvenate all of you!

Cycling is gaining ground on societies traditional communing habits at a pandemic rate.  The shear common-sense of cycling is driving this revolution and common-sense has been in short supply of late.  So bring on it.  Get on that bike now.  Sooner or later it will come to you.  A Bicycle Lifestyle will save your life and is our only path out of this environmental shit storm we have unleashed on ourselves in pursuit of someone’s idea of success.

Chasing the dollar like our lives depended on it while destroying the planet our lives depend on?  Humans are moronically ironic in a, I’m not the dumb one here sort of moronic way.  Choosing to be stupid is far worse then just being stupid.  Even stupid people agree with me on this fact of stupidity.  You’d have to be stupid not to.


We all need to ride together now on this saving humanity thing.  If not?  Let’s just say you might not want to be around much longer if we don’t stop pumping carbon into our air at today’s record rates.  How much environmental destruction will it take to shake humanity from it’s dreamy materialistic trance?

We live in a country with a government that has told us what and how to think for decades.  Teaching the willing among us who and what to hate.  Even who to worship, if your the worshiping type.  All this packed in a constant stream of lies reinforced by Madison Ave and corporate media behemoths pumping out brain washing consumerism wrapped in patriotic horse-shit.  What I refer to as The Coliseum of Our Minds.

Do you think for yourself or abdicate that responsibility to others?  Cycling clears your head allowing a free space to ponder life, immersed in nature the force which gave us life as we know it today sitting here at the brink of human extinction.