Every old ride is new again when riding after sunset.  Your favorite trails, paths and roads are transformative experiences at night.  Hills seem not so up with some non-existent as everything is a bit less familiar or experientially refreshing.

First riding in the dark as a commuter for a new job.  Eight miles down a serpentine canyon.  Started with one light.  Graduated to a double light set as familiarity and speed increased over the coming months.  Descending this canyon at four am so traffic was not an issue and the extra light helps light both canyon walls and highlight potential road kill before or after the fact.

Rabbit’s don’t react well to light from a bicycle.  They seem to loose all sense of direction and reason darting frantically about the trail like some kind of meth-bunny.  Watch out for the bunnies in the dark and at sunrise.  A bunny thing happened to me on the trail one eveninghttps://cycleology.org/2020/05/02/motivation-whats-yours-rabbits/

These Nightrider Lights do the trick.  Easy on easy off,  Three light levels and blinking.  Light weight, durable, weather-tight, USB charging and a good value.

Ritchey Carbon Handle Bars at 710mm width helps accommodate two lights, a bell with room for your phone or GPS rig.  This wider bar set-up corners fabulously.  S-Works Carbon Bar-Ends embellish your cornering as well.

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Full Moon nights are a cycling universe you never want to miss out on.  Mark them on your calendar and plan ahead for weather but don’t miss the full-moon-nights.  I have this theory if your riding a steel frame the gravitational pull of the full-moon lifts your bike slightly.  Keep in mind the Moon moves and controls the worlds oceans?  Try it on the next full moon if you have a steel frame.

Cycling in the falling snow day or night is another transformative experience.  You want to be prepared for this and there can be a limit.

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Ski Goggles are preferable for snow-cycling from my point-of-view and they cover a good portion of your exposed face.  Rose colored lenses are perfect in flat light.  Snow accumulating presently outside my door and it’s time to find those goggles.