Woke to winter in Golden today.  Tuesday November 24, 2020.  Seems just yesterday I was in shorts.  A mild fall.  Again!

It’s was yesterday Monday November 23, 2020.  I was riding in shorts.  Minus greenery the day sunny another wonderful day to live and ride a bicycle in Golden, Colorado.  I find Golden a cycling paradise because it is.

The terrain in Golden is diverse with mountain-bike trails, foothills roads a gateway west with plenty of climbing.  My favorite terrain is the automobile free, smooth, seamless concrete trail network surrounding the Golden and Denver cycling community.  This clip is sample of these perfect concrete trails.  We need one from Golden to Boulder! 

I realize not all towns are set up for cycling like Golden.  Having lived in Boston, DC, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Colorado.  In cities, small towns, small mountain towns and assorted holes in the wall.  All of them were best navigated on my bicycle.

Downtown Golden is home two three full service bike shops.  Bike-mechanics and bike shops now essential to daily life as this pandemic changes our lifestyles from auto-centric to a more practical cycling based approach.

It’s simply easier and totally stress free to run errands on a bicycle and a far more practical use of your time.  There are few benefits if any to riding in a car.  The benefits of cycling?  Make your own a list.  It will surprise you and enrich you.  This TEDx is enlightening.

Golden, Colorado has everything a cyclist needs within reasonable distances.  I’ve lived here without a car now for three years and have yet to find the need for one.  Three grocery stores plenty of dining and gastronomic diversity.  A blessing and essential is the Golden Ace Hardware Locally Owned in downtown.  I avoid Amazon completely as it is destroying the core of American Business with his Mini-Me Bezos Greed.

As for Coffee the primary fuel for many who move on two wheels look no further.  Pangaea Coffee Roasters in downtown Golden, 1205 Cheyenne Street is the finest coffee I’ve had on this planet or any other planet.  I’ll ride by Pangaea for a cup while rolling out errands and end on a ten or fifteen mile loop home.

Local money grows local roots.  Bicycling your errands will support your local business’s, neighbors and your community at it’s core.  Cycling based grass-roots economics will save your community, me, you and this planet.

What I’m getting at is.  No matter where you live ride your bicycle now. Park that car.  Sell that second car.  Cycling is the best way to get around and learn any town.  You will meet more of your fellow humans on your bicycle.  Change and save your life simultaneously with a bicycle now.  All our lives and our planet depend on it.  Your action is critical.  We all make a difference when we all ride together.   It’s as easy as riding a bike!

Check out Harley Davidson’s new Electric Bike Line.  These can help carry any load quite a distance.  Electric Bicycles are an excellent options today expanding range and hauling capacities many out-fitted with cargo racks and trailers.  If you test ride one be prepared to ride away with it.

The sun is out now.  The roads almost dry.  It’s still Tuesday November 24, 2020.  Time for another Golden Ride!