With uncertainty around every bend on our roads today you can control your exercise destiny.  Gym closed.  God forbid?  Do some push-ups, pull-up and sit-ups.  Workout anywhere if you really want to workout or is the goal simply to be seen working out?  Walk, hike, run or ride.  It’s all just outside that door.

Paying to workout is an oddity?  Most gyms and so-called health-clubs were disgusting before this pandemic.  Incomprehensible it is that anyone would seek out this opportunity to die on their quest for health?  Gym’s, bars, salons, tattoo-parlors need to be open?  Ego driven distractions prior to corona and now essential to our survival?

Getting away from these manufactured distractions our manufactured consent is best achieved on humanities finest achievement and invention to date.

It started as a practical idea and just keeps on rolling.  Get this.  It turns out to be a rather enjoyable way to recreate, collaborate, exercise and even move stuff.  It runs on a clean burning endless fuel source.  Riding one improves your health, mental and physical.  Did I mention it’s fun.

It’s a fabulous if not best way to incorporate business and pleasure.  I really think this Bicycle Thing could simultaneously change and save the world on it’s current evolutionary trajectory.

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Today Harley Davidson manufactures and sells electric bikes.  An Electric-Bicycle can replace that second car you never needed?  A Revolution of Bicycles.  Sell one car.  Or both?  Buy a few bikes.  Revolutionize your life.  It’s as easy as riding a bike or electric-bike.

Burning carbon will finish us off soon enough unless the majority of us who can ride a bicycle, do ride a bicycle.  Now please.  Have I mentioned how much fun riding a bicycle is?

The primary impact of my carless lifestyle has been my improved health, mental and physical.  Fifteen years on two wheels I’ve learned what real needs are finding if I can’t move it on my bicycle I most likely don’t need it.  Oh yes, did I mention how much fun riding a bicycle is?  It’s a win, win, win, win…, kind of deal.

I Thought Of That While Riding My Bicycle. Albert Einstein

Exercise your control over humanities future today.  All Our Clocks Are Ticking!