I understand cycling with music in ones ears is taboo for many.  If your are a fan of music this is sad.  Music and Cycling form a magnanimous synergy of life’s finest  experiences.  You can’t hear what your missing.

Any Crazy Horse get me rolling. The Live 1970 Fillmore East performance of Cowgirl In The Sand and a bicycle create a synergy that transports me to a place where oxygen in never an issue.  Just ride with the notes.  Focus on this path you will find no obstacles.  The bass track or all the tracks will lead to some smooth and unconsciously effortless cycling.

The entire Fillmore East 1970 Crazy Horse performance is a phenomenal once in a lifetime musical experience laid down by a group of genius’s.  Don’t miss it.  Neil Young is a treasure.

Cowgirl In The Sand.  It’s music to your pedals.  This should convert you to a ride with music cyclists.  There is as much fabulous music as there is cycling terrain on this planet.  Why not experience both simultaneously?  You won’t regret hearing the results.

Music will take your cycling efforts to a gravitational universe unlike any you’ve experienced in traditional cycling out of body experiences.  Build that play-list now.  Trust me you won’t roll without those ear-buds again.