Let’s start with the seat a work of art.  Sleek beauty and highly functional.  As to price, shop around and remember.  You get what your pay for when it comes to component upgrade’s, it is an upgrade your after.

Over time and budget I upgraded to Ritchey’s Carbon Stem, Handlebars, Seat-post and Seat.  Holy-Shit is my bike lighter and it sure feels it.  This could be all in my head?  I doubt it, was money well spent.

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Include these G1 Speed tires by Schnabel a decent tail wind and it’s off to the races.  These tires are seriously fast and I’m seriously serious.


Carbon equals comfort.  That’s a fact.  Ritchey’s Carbon Seats, Seat-Post, Stem’s and Handlebars are worth the price.  Your bike will look sleek and move the same way with more flex tremendous performance and superior overall comfort on you bike.

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I splurged on these four Ritchey Carbon Gems over fourteen months and the comfort of the seat was the topper.  The first four rides I striped the bike to only a water bottle and a rider this state of ultimate lightness gets addicting, tread wisely.

The beautifully smooth and wide concrete trails surrounding Golden, Colorado are a blessing making rolling with no tools or spares more plausible.