For those who believe in reality times are tough.  Stupid is as stupid does.  Selective-Ignorance will prove far deadlier then the corona-virus as this monumental level of selective-stupidity and pride in said stupidity is proving humanities undoing.

The GOP’s tremendous ignorance over the last fifty years has only accelerated under the monumental failure of Trump and his posse of criminals.  Trump is the worst person ever and seventy million people find him acceptable.  I’ve got to ask.  Would you let him rape your daughter or wife?  Apparently this would be acceptable to many in today’s GOP.

One of this countries greatest musicians, visionaries and philosophers put it best.

As Noam Chomsky stated:  The Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history.  Today their unabashed dedication to stupidity has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction and they are proud of this fact as well.

Wealthy White Ignorance honed in Ivy League schools has destroyed an entire planet and they are proud this.  These clowns are incapable of making a ham sandwich or changing a flat tire.  Their diplomas were paid for in advance just like their entire lives.  More often then not money equal stupidity and ignorance.  Have you ever attended a Fraternity Party?  Fraternities are private clubs for stupid wealthy students who have never worked for anything throughout their entire pathetic lives.  I found it comforting to know they were all locked in one building or another on campus and usually shit-faced.

Our governments dedication to making it’s people stupid is a monumental success with seventy million freshly minted morons supporting the insanity of a madman, a grifter and the greatest con-man in human history.  Where would you list Rapists on your resume before or after President?

I remember the day I realized the world was built on lies.  It was around 1975 when every adult I knew knowingly lied to my face and signed their names to each lie.  That day my view of this world was clear.  American’s will tell and accept any lies if there is a dollar or two in it for them.  Today the fact is there are simply to many people choosing to live their lives in a state of hate and ignorance rather then attempt to change or understand anything.  Anything at all.

Most of this country simply chooses to be fucking stupid.  Clearly racism is at the core of it all.  Essentially these ignoramuses are angry with themselves for leading such pathetic lives.  Lives cemented in utter meaninglessness.  Allowing hate to rule their lives.  Blaming poor brown women and children who are powerless and penniless for destroying the country while their chosen ignorance will be the undoing of US all as they unknowingly and knowingly vote against their own best interest.

Stupid is as stupid does.


Yes Destroyed An Entire Planet.