“No matter where you go there you are.”  Buckaroo Bansi.  As technology continues to invade life I’ve got to ask.  Why would you want a computer on your bicycle?  Computers are everything bicycle’s are not and your phone is also a computer.

Just ride it.  Your bike that is.  The cost of Wahoo, Garmin and others seem foolish to me.  I prefer a new carbon component or two over a computer on or anywhere near my bike.  I’d rather be sitting on these not looking at a $599.00 computer distracting me from the crux.  Considering spending money on your bike.  Ask yourself.  What really moves you components or computers?

If your are looking at and thinking about a computer while riding your bike you are seriously lost in space.  I ride my bike too escape technology and what it’s doing to society.  Why invite the outside world into your cycling universe?  It is one of life’s purest experiential spaces don’t pollute it with needless technology.

I am not a professional cyclists just a professional bicycle rider.  Dragging technology into your cycling is a real drag on your efforts.  I was also born in 1961 without a GPS.  The day’s of self-sufficiency are gone if you choose this path that is.  What is most important to humanity is nature.  We are all here because of a six-inch layer of Top-Soil nothing technology offers will change this Fact of Life!

If I needed a phone on my bike rides in 1974.

Remember These? Maybe not.

There was an event 1986 – 2006 Montezuma’s Revenge hosted in Montezuma, Colorado.  Consider the most difficult mountain-bike race on earth.  It’s an insane twenty-four hour event.  A series of loops starting and finishing in town.  The race is redesigned annually and expected never to be finished.  The founder of this madness originally road Montezuma’s Revenge on a single speed bicycle with no Wahoo.

Having covered this race for ESPN I will admit I could have used computerized mapping assistance to keep up with the competitors.  For much of this course there is no clear evidence of a defined trail and you will find yourself alone with many questions?

Montezuma’s Revenge and The Hard Rock 100 are two events not to be undertaken casually.

Part Two of The Hard Rock 100 here.  If you’ve come this far please keep watching.

Determination, perseverance and a specific blend off madness helps when duct taping your blisters for an overnight run through The Rockies.  Ultimately Karl Meltzer won this Hard Rock shattering the record and looking as if he could turn around and do it again.  Amazing feat of mind over matter.  Having run a few marathons I was dumbfounded by Mr. Meltzer’s physical prowess.  He appeared as if he had not run a step and literally, Fresh As A Daisy.  He did share with me off-camera that he carried a CD-Player listening to the same String Cheese CD for 100 miles.  This was quite the Incident!

Jack LaLanne pumps iron in the gym in his home in Hollywood, Calif.

I was fortunate to have met Mr. Jack LaLanne during a CBS interview on men’s aging. When asked The Best Exercise Equipment too use?  Jack replied, “The one your using.”  When it comes to pure sport?  It’s what’s in your mind not your wallet!  Consider the true value of your next and future upgrades.  Where is the real speed hiding from you?