If you ride a bicycle November 3, 2020 will be the most critical day of the most important decision you will make in your time as a cycling human.  The cyclist’s in me wants to believe every bicycle rider on this planet will vote for science and life Tuesday.  If not consider dropping those training-wheels from your brain.

This Will Be The Most Important Ride Of Your Short Life!

Extinction is just around the bend as most of us proudly drive past reality.  There’s procrastination and there’s A Procrasti-Nation!  It is clear we have given up on saving this planet while diluting the realities of what will come with our selectively-ignorant demise.  Decades of governmental lies have conditioned US to ignore the truth at all cost.

The Writing Is On The Sky.

An id such as Donald Trump in the White-House exposes the realities of our constant ignorance.  Our two-party system and electoral-college have and continue to make a mockery of democracy.  The democracy we never had.  Many would rather watch football over facing any realities.  This is what football and pro-sports have devolved to.  Distraction-Capitalism at it’s finest.

Distraction-Capitalism reinforces today’s Disaster-Capitalism as the trillionaires and billionaires ignore the rest of humanities suffering.  Will greed driven selective-ignorance kill us all?  The only answer is a vote away.  Ride there and cast one Tuesday.