Ironclad Gloves at ACE Hardware about $24.00.  Three different weights.  Cost effective, stylish, functional, durable and perfect for cycling.  Not sure how these would look with your Pinarello Dogma but you will have warm hands.

Depending on your hand size insert your Ironclad gloves inside medium, large or extra-large leather ranch gloves for cold weather ventures.  Water repellant, extremely durable.  Excellent for wiping off your tires on the go.  Plenty off room for Hand Warmer Packs fitting on top of you palm between Leather and Iron Clad glove layer.  A few hand warmers working inside your jersey or inside pockets help avoid that bone chilling wind riding through those R-Months.

The Only Benefit I’ve Received From A Bank Was The Reposition Of My Car. I Was Free!

Take a ride to your local or non-local hardware store to pick up both the Ironclad and Leather-clad gloves.  I picked them up at ACE Hardware.  Use your bike not Amazon man.  Support a local business on your bike at every opportunity.  The benefits will encircle your life style.