Climate Change and our planetary destruction is man made.  Believe it or not?  Do I have to write a list for you Mr. President?  I forgot, your too busy to read.  How about some pictures big guy?

Regardless of the President’s life long selective-ignorance if we all and I mean all of US, don’t change are carbon ignorance there will be no humans on earth in fifty years.  Reality has always been impossible for American’s to swallow.  This virus is part of the extinction process.  There will be more virus as we continue to invade what is left of the nature world that sustains all our lives.  This selective-ignorance is astounding.

Watching fellow humans choose stupidity over reality is truly beyond comprehension.  Facts are facts but I don’t have to believe them and you can’t change my mind with anymore facts.  That’s a fact! 

Selective-Ignorance is the real virus plaguing humanity.  Has been for decades.  Ignore at your own selective-peril.  It is your right to be wrong!  Apparently.

Today we are living through our own televised genocide and paying for it with every tax dollar we earn and with every breath we attempt to take.  Cops murdering people of color, all colors.  Racism has had Black American’s in it’s sights since they kidnapped their forefathers.  Do not be ignorant enough to believe bullets differentiate colors.  Ignorance kills everyone eventually.  Just continue with your complacency the truth of selective-ignorance will come for you soon.