I disgorge these thoughts as a life long cyclists who can’t stop them from racing up on me.  Many ask why I bother too care?  A trick question?  

Cycling’s great escape can take us many places.  Places we know.  Places we don’t.  Places we think we knew.  The one place I could always count on cycling taking me, was away from the shear bull-shit that pollutes life.  Today life pollutes cycling.

Cycling has been hijacked by the reality of climate change.  If you deny man-made climate change please realize this.  Mother Nature cares not of your selective-ignorance.  The choice is clear.  Are humans capable of accepting reality?  Clearly not.  Everyone in this country is guilty of complacency here.  We consume the most while the planet’s poorest suffer the consequence for now.  Out of sight out of mind is outdated in today’s climate.  It is unfolding all around US.  Even if you pretend not too see it?

What Was First Seen As A Miracle Soon Became A Profit Center!

Take this planet for instance?  In approximately three-hundred years a virus know as capitalisms destroyed it.  Capitalism run amuck allowed man to believe he was smarter then his Mother.  Naturally he was wrong.

We have insane people in control of Nuclear Weapons.  We are still manufacturing new nukes too kill more efficiently.  Apparently we need more then one way too kill all life on this planet instantly.  This fact above all defines Capitalism as humanities greatest evil.  Life and this planet are finite so infinite growth is impossible.  Yet we drive on with our dollars of destruction.

This Is Still A Consideration By Many In Power Today.

Materialism has superseded human life.  Everything is for sale.  Anyone expendable. Whales and trees are worth more to a capitalist’s dead than alive.  Now in the open air a virus has exposed how we are all the expendable commodities we’ve allowed ourselves to become.  When everything becomes transactional everything dies.  Everything dies when all love has left society.  Love Nature or pay the price.

Working in a job you hate, to buy stuff you don’t need or want, to impress people you don’t like?  The American Dream or Nightmare?  Choose your classification for google.

People stopped loving or even thinking of nature as dollars became their world.  In the dollar world Mother Nature is ignored through mans many man made distractions from nature.  When I was a child flocks of birds filled the morning sky.  Today it’s the historic smoke of selective-ignorance that fills my skies and our collective horizons.

Difficult it is not too scream from the top.  What The Fuck Are You People Thinking?

Gagging after every ride in Colorado.  Our skies now normalize as smoke filled.  A virus unleashed by our ignorance of the natural worlds essential role in life as we continue this onslaught of ignorance on Mother Nature.  Natures antibodies are at work on us now.  One could make the argument The Corona Virus is just one of Mother Natures antibodies against the human virus.  Will we ever listen to Mom?  Every ounce of food we consume comes from her soil yet we treat it as we treat each other?  Like Shit.

Why do some force themselves too believe what they know to be bull-shit in order too force themselves too hate?   You don’t have to know Sigmund to understand the real sources of your selective-hate when you chose a life of selective-ignorance.

Working in news I saw many things people should not see.  I’ve emoted emotions I didn’t seem capable of.  I’ve been on many sides of the tracks.  The tracks most see only with a remote in their hands and a beer at their side.  People judging others based on what they are spoon fed on the idiot box.  Our society knows nothing if they haven’t seen it on or been spoon feed it by their television.

Consider what The Apprentice did for for America?  It was a show of pure bull-shit and it got him elected president of a bull-shit government.  This was our decades old, bull-shit government, pulling it’s own pants in front of US all.  What should you do about it?

The Vote is about all you have left.  For now?  If we make this work it will be with a viable third party regardless of this election.  Mother Nature will Bat Last and she’s looking like a Babe in the bottom of the ninth!

Mother Nature is the leader of Our Green Party.  If your still undecided listen to your Real Mother.  She tells you the truth every morning.  We might want too listen clearly moving forward.  The noise is all around us.

Just A Thought.