Dreaming of ski season?  Fall permeates our rides now.  The leaves, coolness of air, out early visualizing the impeccable grooming of Beaver Creek from the comfort of my bicycle.

Bode Miller had The Birds of Prey mastered.  Beaver Creeks, Birds of Prey Downhill was designed by Swiss Great Bernhard Russi.  The Birds of Prey, one of this planets most challenging downhill courses.

Try Keeping Up With Bode On Your Bike.

Notice Mr. Millers eyes, hands and feet.  He looks to be on a bicycle.  It’s as easy as riding a bike on skis.  Many similarities I find between cycling and skiing.

The Centered Skier is an enlightening book no matter your sporting passion.  Mixing elements of sports psychology and Zen Buddhism.  It became the foundation of approaches taken by the Sugarbush Ski School.  Emphasizing carved turns, rather than skidded turns fitting in with the parabolic shaped skis revolution.  It’s a wonderful book.

Proper bike fitting critical as exact book fitting.  Your boots control your thoughts and subsequent actions directing your skis.  No matter how much you spend on boots Booster Straps are invaluable.  Adding stability and control while extending the physical dynamics of the boots design.  Essentially adding more torque and control from the top of the boots cuff.

These Scarpa Tele Boots have thousands of runs in them.  Add a pair of Booster Straps they feel brand new.  Extend the life of your boots or get the most out of your new pair Booster Straps will revolutionize your skills on skis adding control and confidence.

A shocking change in overall performance is instantly clear to any skier.  Improperly fit boots result in a lag-time between your brain and skis.  If your feet are sloshing around in your boots you will slosh around the mountain not ski it.

You can’t do this in loose fitting boots.  Caught these two from the opposite ridge on a Powder Day Killington, Vermont circa 1992?

Downhill Racer the finest ski film ever made stars Robert Redford and Gene Hackman with a cameo by Natalie Wood.

Released in 1969 with dynamic camera work stunning editing and a thrilling sound mix.  Watch this film and consider the camera and sound gear in 1969?  The director Michael Ritchie is either a skier or he hired the best consultants.  The camera angles and positioning draws you in like no ski film I’ve seen.  The delicate touch on all the point-of-view shots, unnervingly alluring.  The sound mixing and editing during racing scenes stand alone as audio files.  You can see the race unfold in your mind just listening to these dynamic tracks.  The mix of crowd, ice, edges, breathing all draw out the fear a downhill racer confronts moment to moment out on the edge at sixty plus miles an hour.