Cycling is all about truth.  Your body and mind competing collaboratively with the truth of mechanical power.  A sunny day’s cruise along the beach or floating down fall’s country lane with a zephyr at your back.  You versus time and terrain.


It’s that first instant you step too that pedal when bullshit takes a walk.  If only Fred Trump had spent some of his stolen fortune on a bicycle for Donald?  We’d all be on a much different ride today.  Clearly Donald’s cycling day’s are behind him.  I seriously doubt he ever road a bicycle?  He has made the unimaginably unacceptable normal!

The real question is.  What’s in front of us now?  The road has never been this uncertain as Mr. and Mrs. Trump and the White House have now contracted Covid-19 where does this leave his unmasked supporters confronting the truth?  Believe what you must?  Mother Nature makes the rules.  Today the President is self diagnosing himself and the country too death and Nature seems just as oblivious as thirty-five or so percent of the voters.  .

If you lie to yourself uncertainty will be your only road.  Do you live your life in a state of selective-ignorance and selective uncertainty?  Once you get comfortable with lying too yourself everyone is disposable.

A crafty FOX has raided the hen-house of journalism while spoon feeding selective-ignorance to the willing.  If there is a generalization to get behind?  Consider the FOX News viewer?  Are you getting Out-Foxed by the My Pillow Guy?  In 1958 Aldous Huxley predicted all this.  If you take the time to absorb the following videos?  You might not be disappointed at your new point-of-view.

Having never met Aldous Huxley somehow I know he owned a bicycle.  Mr. Huxley always told us the truth.  Capitalism proved incapable of listening.  Repeatedly!

Sir David Attenborough sheds some serious light on the truth regarding our future.  If you think this is fake news ask yourself who’s faking who?  I realize Mr. Attenborough is only an expert on nature, however you might want to heed his expert warnings.

The truth is always a bike ride away.  Today the truth is in the air.  It’s unhealthy to ride your bike in Colorado, again!  I smoke copious amount of ganja and never burst into uncontrolled coughing fit’s after any ride.  Until the smoke moved in.  Climate change is the precursor to our extinction. 

What is truth?  Film Director David Lynch will shed some perspective on this gift of life?

Journalism is under threat of extinction from Narrow-Casting.  Broadcasting is dead under the targeting potential of Narrow-Casting via Facebook, Twitter and their sister products, Instagram, etc.  Many today do not understand the News Divisions of the Networks and affiliates were not profit centers.  News was a service to community and society provided as part of the FCC licensing process.  Reagan’s dedication to deregulation of what he never understood killed the residue of journalism, democracy and the middle-class simultaneously.  As a president he acted perfectly in his fictional role.

Experts today are ignored after decades of deregulation Facebook is considered news when it’s nothing more then an open-source version of The National Inquirer and clearly a profit center thriving on selective-ignorance.  Zuckerberg and Bezos embody this greed and ignorance as they dismantle commerce, journalism and humanity with their ego’s. Facebook’s focus on reaching the narrow minded craving hate is clear if willing too see.  Facebook is as far from news as a democracy can get.  It is unregulated capitalism at it’s worst.  Feeding off the perpetually unrelenting ignorance it sells it’s Users while stabbing them in the back of the head.  Selling Americans own ignorance back to them while parlaying it as content and information.  It’s bull-shit all of it.

Users, a term also deployed by drug dealers.  Drug dealers like the Sackler Family and Congress.

Holy Shit do I need a ride.  It is the only escape from today’s reality of no reality.  A place of only truth.  A place to ignore the harsh truth today is.  An escape for a time.  The best time of day I can find on this crazy ride we have all been thrust on.  After all, no one asked to come here.  This might not seem unbelievable?  I never think about this shit when I ride my bicycle, which can’t happen enough lately.  

My son once inquired of me.  “Dad when your dead do you know your dead?”  Before I could compose myself with a reasonable answer he inspires me with; “You probably just have to wait and see.”  The truest words ever spoken!