On this unmapped ride of some six decades one thing is apparent too me.  A Man receives unconditional love from his pets, his young children and his bicycle.  Care for it, respect it, spoil it a bit.  Your bike will never let you down.

Your bike is there for you unconditionally.  Your bicycle won’t talk back, call you stupid, worthless, a creep.  It won’t even sleep with a soccer coach. A bicycle will never lie or mistrust.  Your bike won’t hate you out of existence.  Your bike won’t ask of you.  What’s in it for me?  Prerequisite to all marriage should be living in poverty for a year.  Or what’s know today as The Middle Class.

Opposingly adult humans will consistently fail each other assigning conditions to love and relationships.  In a world where everything is now for sale, love has always been so.

Your bike will love you regardless of where you went to school, where you work, how much money you make.  You don’t have to buy it a blood-diamond for acceptance.  Your bike won’t hate your parents and all your friends.

Total Peace Of Mind and Soul.

Countless occasions, brought back from the brink on my bicycle.  Bicycles represent countless miles of the best advice a man can get for centuries now and nature makes a great couch.

Love could simply be a new bike or set of carbon wheels?  Who knows?  Tread lightly!