Riding down Washington Ave in Golden, Colorado.  All the lights timed out.  No traffic in either direction.  I’m approaching the speed of light on a bicycle.  They appear out of nowhere!

This Is Before Washington Ave Was Re-Paved.

The autoholics who must pass everything on the road.  A chip on their shoulder, they throw that look of ignorance and envy simultaneously sheltered in their death-mobile racing too Starbucks for average coffee.

I pass them down the street sitting in traffic stressing about parking.  I peal off right heading to Pangaea Coffee.  The Finest Hand Roasted Coffee On This Planet.  Having roamed it for decades working in news, film and broadcasting, a business fueled on coffee.  Most news crews will find the best food and coffee in any town within minutes of arrival if not prior.

Cycled into Golden three years back for a new job greeted with an aroma. Coffee Roasting. Overwhelmed with coffee comfort I followed my nose to 1205 Cheyenne Street and found Pangaea in Golden.

No sense of Starbucks urgency here.  No line of people staring at their phones.  Actual conversation and human too human interaction.  That delicate smell of coffee roasting obfuscates all life toils and stress.

Dinner Too Go. Too The Park. The Best Table In Town Today!

It’s easiest to discover all Goldens uniquely local business’s on your bike.  Where ever you live on this planet ride your bike as much as possible and then some.  Our World Community depends on it!  Rejuvenate your community.  Live, love, learn, eat, shop, get healthy and save our planet together on your bicycle now.  You won’t live too regret it.

Supporting local business now more then ever will keep your community rolling through these uncertain times.  Money spent locally stays local.  Golden is strewn with delicious original local restaurants and shops.

With All The Bicycles In Golden?  How Is This Photo Possible.  Is Your Bike On Your Car?

Avoid national chains and Amazon at all cost.  Make the extra effort.  Shop in your home town on your bicycle.  Support your home town not Jeff Bezos.  Shopping Amazon to save $1.23 so you can have socks overnight?  Shop local and be proud of it.  That extra money you spend is an investment in your future not Jeff’s.

We need The Saturday Ride Vibe everyday in Golden.  If you own a bike use for more then just that Saturday ride.  Ride it everyday everywhere you can.  No better way to really understand your community.  In your car your detached from humanity.  On your bike, immersed in humanity.

Discovered this gem pre-sunrise on a coffee recon ride in Silverton, Colorado.

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