Equal Rights for women. Encouraged by more bankers then women.  Double the tax base by putting Mom too work.  It’s a net loss in every way you never thought of.

Drive up the cost of living it easy!  This was the beginning of the end for American families.  Ronald RayGun with his trickle down bull shit.  It only flowed up like the raging river of your money it was.

The more they stole the less taxes they paid eventually amassing revolting wealth and watching the country collapse.  It continues at an acceleratingly ignorant rate today and gave us this clown.  A Billionaire tax dodger.  He and the others have all of societies money tied up in ego and they own the government along with Wall street.

A Disgusting Billionaire Clown. There Everywhere Now.

President Ray-Gun next set his sights on the FCC and The Fairness Doctrine; The fairness doctrine of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was—in the FCC’s view—honest, equitable, and balanced. The FCC eliminated the policy in 1987 and removed the rule that implemented the policy from the Federal Register in August 2011. and the FCC. 

Then Ray-Gun destroyed unions in his campaign of selective-ignorance.  He considered catsup a vegetable for school lunches and started the crack epidemic with the CIA.  Watch Kill The Messenger.  Nancy’s war on drug while Ronny was one of histories greatest pushers.  Watch the film. Reagan is the Grandfather of The Drug Epidemic.  We graduated to the Oxy crisis as congress deemed it so.

Ray-Guns ignorance opened the door to Fox News which has been nothing but an assault on the residue of our democracy preying on it’s brainwashed religious followers.  You think they have FOX News in heaven?

Over the last forty years society devolved to a mass of people living life on a transactional basis.  Including love, family and relationships.  What’s in it for me?  Then I’ll decide how much love I can dedicate to this family venture. 

Once I had a brother.  He lives in New England now and much like others in my past he literally ignores everything that doesn’t involve some form of profit.  A life based on only transactional relationship’s where using people in any and every way that fulfills the profit need in that greedy soul.

We are a society of drones devoid of souls groomed for decades to worship money prioritizing it over all.  Even our own families.

I sat with a group of five daughters as they trash talked their frail father while simultaneously lamenting “their mother was so healthy she would live forever.”  Nice group of gals. Horny for inheritance.  This was revolting to witness.  They were relatives?

My work in news and documentary revealed another cost of this capitalist tragedy we live in.  Souls and lives torn apart at Columbine High by the GOP and the NRA for a vote.  Can’t forget the absolute look of terror on the faces of every parent that morning.  Interviewing parents of children killed that school day.  Like anyone, thinking what would I do?  Incomprehensible grief!

The world went on to accept Sandy Hook next busy with it’s transactional ways the world did not flinch at this horrific slaughter.  Capitalisms has normalized insanity.  People will justify anything for a buck.  Correct Mr. Trump?

I spent a day at work, a story of a women waiting for her sons execution.  Her other son was killed by police.  Imagine that.  What does the death penalty say about us.  “Lighting Cigars On Electric Chairs.”  Sparklehorse.

This work was emotionally jarring.  It did however get me out of the wealthy white-privilege bubble everyone I knew lived in too experience what real people are like.  I’ll take the real people.  The people handed nothing in this life but shit.  All happier and more grounded humans then those living in their wealthy white self-delusion of recycling, bake-sales, soccer and sucking up to the system, continually and conveniently ignoring the injustice and inequity now coming for us all.

Our society has chased that carrot off the cliff of life.  Environmentally and mentally there is now, no turning back.  We killed a planet with greed.  We were all too busy chasing the dollar to see the dollar simultaneously fucking us all the while.

I had a job which provided me the opportunity to spend half the year at home with my children.  The time with my children when we worshiped each other basking in pure trust and love. Unconditional Love will only be found here on this planet.  I’ve seen nothing in sixty years approaching that magical time in this life.  It is one reason we are here.

The only real joy in my life was the time my children and I shared unconditional love.  Teaching and sharing our ideas, our souls.  The purest questions ever asked of me happened throughout this perfect and most important time of my life.  I’d do it all over again!  Who would not?  Just ask yourself.  What’s in this for me?