When I had only a bike in my life, after my family left I chose a job I always wanted.  Work in a professional kitchen.  It was a mellow ride along the river to my new office.

Not a Rat Race.  I realized how some peoples idea of money’s importance supersedes any potential love.  People who run their lives on a transactional basis.  The what’s in it for me people.  Like our leader, you know the guy destroying the world right now.

Define Mellow.
Life’s First Coffin.

I was hooked instantly.  There is a vibe in a kitchen.  The sounds, smells, action and professionalism.  The best team work I’ve ever experienced.  I’d do it for free.  The autonomy.  The constant learning and evolving, adapting on the fly.

First kitchen a Steak House two Chef’s Bob and Liz.  Just wonderful people and wizards in the kitchen.  I washed dishes for a few day when Bob say’s your working up here from now on.  Went from salads and desserts to full on line cook in a few weeks and never looked back.  Liz and Bob handed me a new career sharing all their knowledge and never said what’s in it for me.  It was, what’s in it for us. No hidden strings attached like at the alter.

The Kitchen is the only placed I experienced real teamwork.  No job.  No relationship ever came close.  Only the unconditional love of my children till the money polluted everything.  Once someone decides to hate you out of their life and they have plenty of family money backing them.  Throw in the towel.  Never marry the youngest.  Babies will always be such?  Never enough and everyone is disposable.

Thirty years in network news and production working with food was identical in that you spend the day gathering and preparing your elements then through down on the Live Show.  It’s the same vibe, buzz whatever.  When your shit deep in pressure yet some how loving it because you know your element are ready and most importantly your team member are pros.

So unlike corporate’s mediocrity.  I had one corporate adventure on a digital cinema start up.  CEO was married to my high-school girl friend.  Met him at dinner party and jumped on the chance at a startup.  Was wonderful and grew corporate fast.  Same script as The Office.  Same characters different names.

Got my self fired for constantly pointing out the truth.  So many bull-shit jobs in corporate.  Then there the board of mis-directors and all the other mindless aspects of killing eight hours in a job that needed two.  If you an “executive” in some corporation, ask yourself.  What is it I actually do here?  Or do I give a shit that I’m an over paid paper weight?

I’d rather spread manure all day then ever walk in a corporate slave death star again.

Real people do the real work.  The rest work for banks and are lawyers, the vampires of society.  No posers in network news or the kitchen.  If you can’t do the work the proof will be in the pudding.  We made it all with our hands then we cooked and plated in all.  Every one was happy.  Love that feeling.  Food brings happiness in so many ways.  Reminds me of cycling.

If you find yourself stressing on your commute in that car you can’t afford to a job you hate, working so hard to buy more shit you don’t need to impress people you don’t like.  Maybe get on that dust covered bike, take that job you always wondered about, reduce your expenses, stress and get a shit load healthier without realizing it.

The way the planets health is headed do your really want to spend what’s left of your life driving to an earlier death sitting in a building surrounded by dying souls.

I watched this unfold over five years the dysfunction leadership broke down any semblance of moral.  The CEO once told a group of four-hundred or so.  “If you don’t like it here leave, it’s not about team building here it’s about profit.”  That was so inspiring you could feel the joy overwhelm the room full of people who actually do all the fucking work.

I could write a novel about the dysfunctional characters.  One actually had a life-size full color poster of himself as a super hero in his office.  That was fucked up.   Hard to stand there with a straight face as you might imagine.  An SNL skit there somewhere.

After eight years I’ve yet to see a superhero in the kitchen.  Great team work got the job done every time no matter the pressure.  When you are truly surrounded by professionals anything is possible.

Why do CEO’s make some 7000 times the people who actually do and understand the work?  The same reason the planet is dying before our very eyes and no one seems concerned.  They just keeping driving through life to their Bull-Shit Jobs killing themselves and their planet.  Ain’t America Great Again? 

All this greed created a world where everyone I ever loved and cared for was stolen from me by the dollar.  Enough was never enough for some.  People get this illusion in their head that if I can just get a little more until it’s a little late.  Some just marry out of a sense of sibling competition and then build a family based on competition carried over from their sibling world and destroy any hearts in their way to that mystical success chasing the dollar.

It’s so easy to see when you have no dollars.  Capitalism’s insane pursuit of these dollars will soon destroy these humans as this greed has mother earth at the brink.  Realistically human extinction is around the corner.  On the other hand Trumps say the stock market is doing great.

Try not to waist what you have left sitting on you ass.  That would be a bummer.  Get out while the getting is still good.  Corporate is death.  Corporations killed an entire planet don’t let them kill you.