No science. No truth. No reality. No habitable planet. No cycling.

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What the fuck is it 1984 Mr. Orwell? Because my iPhone says it’s almost election day 9/19/20. I grew up in the television news business. Born in 1961 I can attest too the death of journalism in this genocidal country. Selectively-ignorant white privilege has been on a mission to destroy this planet since 1492.

Journalism was in the dollar hands for decades then our first actor president Reagan’s deregulation of the FCC knocked the door down for the Murdoch’s vampires who now control so many or our thoughts. The murders of the Kennedy Brother’s, Dr. King, Malcom X, John Lennon and Jesus Christ prove the world is run by war mongers. I you stand too tall for peace you will be murdered by one oligarch or another.

The two greatest works of American fiction. The Warren report and The 911 Commission reports. A nation built on lies. Oliver Stones Untold History of The United States tells the truth held back from us during our elementary and high school indoctrination into capitalisms normalization of terror. Trump is proof it worked. The indoctrinated will believe anything. Even if it’s blatantly unbelievable and against their own best interest.

Terrorism started on this continent with white Europeans. The GOP assimilated this philosophy. It’s been greed driven too the tipping point we all face now. Noam Chomsky has argued the Republican Party is the most “dangerous organization in human history” and the world has never seen an organization more profoundly committed to destroying planet earth.

Noam is correct from this cyclists and fellow humans point of view. Today with a madman occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Literally a madman and one-third of America thinks he is a god? Hey god, what the fuck? Have you seen your sky lately supreme being? Religions are the cults that gave birth to the The GOP Trump-Cult.

White men have had constant control over this planet. With all their birth privilege, subsequent control, inheritance and Ivy League educations you could make the case harvard, yale and oxford graduates are primarily responsible and have royally fucked everything up!

White men have destroyed the environment. A group of morons raised in gated communities and reared in limousines who aren’t capable of making a ham sandwich. A clueless population totally brainwashed into choosing stupidity over reality. Now a populous dependent on Home Advisor to teach the brain dead about screwdrivers and how to talk to a plumber?

Totally desensitized to death a direct result of decades pounded by continual exposure to Madison Ave’s and Hollywood’s violence. School shooting are acceptable as part of daily news while the country is taken over by this GOP Cult. Trump supporters are helpless. Do not waste time and words on the thoughtless. They can’t be saved. Are they worth saving? Morons of a feather folk gather together in Trumps Heard Mentality.

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Now trapped by a virus and unbreathable air. The entire country is blanked with smoke as the destruction of the West Coast in a hell-fire is televised between football games in our Dis-United State of American Reality. Thousands die daily. Trump cheats at golf. Our election system a joke. Popular vote is democracy. The electoral college put humanities greatest asshole in the white house. The voter’s didn’t! What the fuck? No electoral college no Iraq no Afghanistan.

It’s easier to educate yourself then wallow in a lifetime of anger hatting everything, everyone different because you intentionally chose to spend your life stupid. What the fuck? We all know who you’re really raging at. It’s in that mirror you’ve refused to look to for so long now. No wonder your blinded by selective-ignorance!

In a nut-shell.

1984 is back! Back in 4K, 3D, HD full force propaganda. Assholes are now in control of asshole. The oligarchs and billionaire assholes control the political assholes. White male ivy-league ass clowns have destroyed a planet thanks to the assholes they descended from and so on back through their entire families asshole existence. Rat’s don’t have mice. Massive wealth is accumulated in this world by massive assholes.

Believe what you must? The only pertinent fact facing humanity is. Mother Nature Will Bat Last.

With Trump in charge she just stepped to the plate in the bottom of the ninth. Are humans just so fucking stupid they will sit calmly watching their own extermination on their idiot boxes till the end as long as there is football to watch?