Don’t just ride your bike.  Engage with it.  Grab it buy the bars assimilate, infuse it with your cycling soul.

Once on your bike it ceases being an inanimate object (If ever) and becomes an extension of your body.  Like a suit, you want to wear the bike.  Put it on, don’t just sit on it.  It’s not you and your bike.  You is your bike.

Fausto Coppi.

When I first step too that pedal I connect.  It’s that first step off the earth and into The Cycling-Verse.  The Cyclist’s interpretation of a multiverse alternate universe kind of   thing.  You know what I mean.  I think I do?  It’s a private universe on two wheels.  You know.  In that first instant you forget the shit of life gliding off to freedom.

The only shit that concerns a cyclist’s comes from “Man’s Best Friend”  It’s the man made shit that we race in our world outside cycling.  That’s the dangerous shit.  The shit you don’t see.  Just don’t track it into your life.

Bluntly put, a bicycle is a kind of shit eraser for life.  Maybe there’s a flowery way of saying all this in Latin?  Rideious-Happiest.  I’ve have let my Latin lapse a bit since kindergarten.

I believe your bike remembers every ride with you secretly storing energy.  The cerebral electric motor in your mind storing synaptic energy within your bottom-bracket.  A mental generator autonomous but subliminally in your control.  You don’t know it’s there but it is.  It lurks in the background on those day’s when the hill’s seem a degree or two kinder.  Call it what you want but find it.  It’s out there I promise you.  It keeps me rolling!

Pete Townsend. Who? Yes that guy. Pete has an unfinished rock-opera Life House I think, venue absorbs the moods and energy of performer’s and fans from every performance with every show contributing to a spiritual musical spirit vibe that infects all future shows and fans, never ending meta-physical, musical synergy building a private universe only experienced at Life House.  That run-on left me breathless.

Visualization is a powerful and affordable upgrade.  Use it!  Mind and muscle form a tremendously powerful network of synergies in your unconscious.

Decades of skiing, running, cycling I can’t help but notice so many trapped in that inner struggle.  Attempting too muscle their way through a sport designed too relax.  Look up breath and relax.  You are experiencing nature first and exercising second.

Across all sports.  Runner’s, skiers, cyclists, hiker’s, walkers. All Looking Down?  Eye contact is where it’s at.  It will help your sporting efforts and your human efforts.  Nature is the greatest show on earth.  Use those eyes to their fullest and enjoy what your here for.

Check Your Seat Height?

Low seats and improper foot placement on pedals result in more effort with less result.  Many with the balls of their foot at the top of the pedal.  Or overhanging the pedal.  The primary thrust of your quads and femurs is not hitting your pedal’s sweet spot.  Too low a seat increases the work load on your quads exponentially.

If your seat is too low this waisted effort gets exponential.  You won’t get the most out of your components with your body miss-aligned to your bike.  I put my big-toe joint/ knuckle adjacent to the pedal’s axle point.  Which aligns with the crank.  The leg bone’s connected to the hip-bone.

If you roll with flat pedals as do I, you have added agility.  Moving a foot in an instant is critical for me.  I just can’t have my feet locked in place.  I find the ability to freely move them synonymous with one-half a gear change.  It’s also a slight change in body position which never hurts climbing.  This is really only applicable when climbing.  In Colorado it’s key.

The nature instinct too muscle it through life will infect all life’s elements ultimately holding you back in all your efforts.  Don’t compete with your bike.  Work with it.  Make sure it is set up to benefit your efforts not impede them.