If your a cycling skier or a skiing cyclist’s.  A fan of perfected grooming?  Beaver Creek is home to the planets finest. When it comes to speed and turns on a bike look no further. Golden Colorado is the Beaver Creek of cycling.  A giant bike park as I see it.

Smooth surfaces and seams.  Very fast with plenty of turns following the stream along the Clear Creek trail.  Golden is surrounded with fabulous cycling terrain.

Every ride I visualize Beaver Creek’s finest days gone by.  One epic day. My son Spencer and I.  Powder you might only see once.  Spencer took too bottomless powder like lobster takes to butter.  Chew on that.

Spencer had the forth grade ski-free pass.  I paid $100 back then!  Spencer laments the $100.  Grabbing a handful of free granola bars from the ticket window, Not exactly $100 worth, as the powder piles around us I add.  “Spencer at the days end tell me if it’s not worth $10.00 an hour.”   We board the escalator then the Centennial quad.  The rest, Pure Powder History.  I worked to keep up all day we devoured that entire mountain.

A day when you can’t possibly pick a best run.  It was one perfect six hour run.

We jumped on Grouse Mountain’s old double for a few runs as the day wrapped up.  Reminds me of the Killington Peak Chair over Cascade.  I speculate. You know the only thing that could make this day better would be bumping into the afternoon grooming fleet as we head over to Centennial.

Disembarking after a third run down grouse we carve off left, pitch drops a bit.  We accelerate towards Centennial.  There they were.  Our fleet of Piston Bully’s staggered out diagonally with 4000 vertical feet of pristine grooming in their wake. Spencer gives me a holy-shit dad look then cuts hard right in behind the last machine.  Imagine that!  All that perfect grooming to ourselves for last run of a perfect powder filled day.  I couldn’t have planned this better if I didn’t?

Warm chocolate chip cookies compliments of Beaver Creek waiting at the base. Only thing missing from this day?  A heavy coating of Powdered Sugar on those cookies.

Oh yes, both Spencer and I felt it was a value at ten dollars an hour for “The Best Day Ever Dad.”  You can say that twice and mean it!  Still the finest $100.00 chocolate chip cookies ever.