Hermit life for months now.  Indoor training with injury as well.  Got to get away.  But where? How?  Bike Packing is a great option with all the time in the world.  A practical tent for cycling?  Look no further.  Look here:


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The Topeak BIKAMPER Tent is a steal for $250.00.  It’s a perfectly designed synergy between bike and tent.  Next a JetBoil camp stove another brilliantly designed product.


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Jet Boil Cooking Systems are ingenious.  Easy to use, easy to clean, prefect functionality throughout the product line.  Smaller gas cylinders and overall lightweight design makes Jet Boil the perfect stove for your next Bike-Packing adventures.  After your bike the BIKAMPER and Jet Boil are essential to any Bike-Camping adventure.  Oatmeal, Soup and Coffee that about covers my needs.  Dried fruit, nuts, jerky.  Story is Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay ate Grape-Nuts on his way up Everest.  How old are Grape-Nuts?  I’m certain they weren’t eating Fruit-Loops. 

A Water filter is a good idea.  I ran out of water once on Mount Katahdin in Maine and picked up a water filter on the way home.


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Life Straw makes a interesting line of options.  The Ultraviolet wand is slick.  Many options out there but these stand out.  Potable AquaIodine Tablets are a good idea just in case.

ToPeak’s rack and bag systems are on par with their amazing tent.


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ToPeak products are methodically deigned and priced reasonably as well.  The correct combination of ToPeak racks and bags will streamline your bike-packing adventures.  Their commuter gear is equally as brilliant.

I feel the rest of the gear is up to the individual.  Clothing, food, etc.  Extra tent stakes some quality cord a few assorted bungees and whatever tools float your boat.  In addition to your bike tools, bring a good knife and a quality set pliers.

Leatherman CRUNCH 1

This Leatherman CRUNCH1 with vice-gripping features will be welcome in any camp-site.

Find a campground, BLM-Land, a spot along the stream.  I’ll follow and Elk Trail into the forest and find a private spot.  I’m not saying trespass but there plenty of open-space out there to camp for a night or two.  No Fire!  Jet-Boil Only on questionable land.  Campgrounds will have fire-pits and grills as well.  Find a spot outside a town with food resources and grill a steak at the campground.  Evergreen, Colorado sits adjacent The Mount Evans Wilderness Area.  Simply amazing up there countless trails, streams, wild-flowers and privacy.  Fly-Fishing can work on these ventures as well with a proper telescoping rod.  Shimano manufactures some fabulous fishing-reels as well.

Above all remember.  Your in no hurry.  It’s not the goal but the journey.  Rolling this way has always served my cyclists soul.