Bike icon vector sign and symbol isolated on white background, Bike logo concept iconA fathers imprint as a child rolls on leaving memories in my mind.  After that first glide away from your grasp they just keep on rolling faster than imagined possible.  Seems not so long when ago I took that ride.  The empowerment explodes within them as they first realize the life affirming power and freedom they just attained with “My New Bike.”  Then they ride off into this free new world with renewed amazement in every ride.  I still remember that invigorating first ride. 

BeckettFrom that day on I was always ready to ride; like this guy.  He left my grasp some years back with my two other children all three my best friends ever.  I know they are still riding strong.  I miss those days of unconditional love.  They only happen once to fathers.  They are the best you will get.

Peugeot PX10
The Classic Peugeot PX10.  A Work Of Art Circa 1979.  My First Bike!




This bike was my first real bicycle and savior from all that ailed my teenage tour of life.  This YouTube Clip took me down an old road.

Things spinning out of control at home?  Go for a ride and escape the non-understanding worlds of family, the irony of parochial-school.  God loves you but step out of line and you’ll burn in a place called hell.  Yea sure I’ll buy that while every adult I knew is a liar.  I road away from the chores and bores of life as my wheels spun me away from it all in that free space only found on a bicycle.  Luck had me grow up cycling in north-east Pennsylvania.  Lot’s of empty roads and inexhaustible trails highlighted by miles of abandon rail-road beds.  Gravel riding in the 1970’s, on the same bike.

Phone Booth
Remember These?  Cell Phones Make Horrible Shelters.

In more then one biblical rain event I sought shelter in a phone-booth, changed clothes dried off, I spent a few hours sheltering in phone-booth’s over the years.  Good luck finding one today Superman.  These rides in the Poconos had plenty of freshwater flowing of hill-side streams overflowing after rain, even pipes flowing with crystal clear water.  Spending entire days out on my bike in summer.  Heading out with no plan other then home before dark.

Embrace this cycling revolution we are living it will change your world for the better in this uncertain changing world.  A bike is freedom.  You can ride it, tune it, maintain it, change your own tires. You will learn new things about your bike everyday and you’ll learn new things about yourself with every ride.  Bike for life it’s the cycle of life.  I’ve been car-less fifteen years now and never look back or need to.  That’s why bicycles don’t have reverse, they only move you forward.  At least that’s been the effect on me.

Enjoy The Ride.