This is the first time I’ve had extra cash to breath with. Bought shoes, bike-tires, fresh-food, went to the Dr. all since receiving unemployment. Paying rent on time no longer in penniless-stress. Yet the insanely wealthy believe this is criminal. They don’t want to pay us enough to survive while working full-time or two jobs but when our broke-down economic system gets it’s pants pulled down by a virus and sham-leadership there is only money for the people don’t need money. I promise I won’t buy Berkshire Hathaway shares with my unemployment dollars or a ride to the moon. Should I look for work, risk virus, make less money, go back to that stress? Without unemployment my nine roommates and I would be on the street.

The indifferent criminally-wealthy can’t tolerate the idea of hard-working people having the cash they need too survive. Some how this threatens their insane level of wealth as they continue living; as Robert Reich recently put it “drenched in self-delusion” most if not all never worked a day in their lives. I might add: Just Surviving is not necessarily living.

Andrew Yang’s Universal Income plans rings true here. Putting the peoples money back in the peoples hands makes the world go round. Working Taxpayers simply use this hard earned unemployment money to keep our economy moving. We buy essentials and keep what’s left of small business alive while the insanely wealthy convince themselves they actually have souls or the capacity to create an original thought, like helping others.

No one wants a “Free-Ride” it’s just that getting unemployment was a economic wake-up call for many of us. The harder we work the faster the screws turn. Many see this now as the irony of so many needing unemployment only reinforces the mass-screwing we are all getting. I miss working in a kitchen. I loved my work while struggling with reality. It’s impossible to survive on $16.00 an hour yet alone minimum wage. Clearly going back to work, if there is work, losing money, risking the virus would be stupid. I want to work yet I want too live. Is this asking too much of government?

So-called leaders have exasperated all today’s problems while, “drenched in self-delusion.” In my fifty-eight years I’ve seen only lies, manufactured wars [all of which we lost], blatant racism and plenty of self-delusion as capitalistic-greed and the GOP have conspired in their synergistic destruction of everything life sustaining. Noam Chomsky posed this question of the GOP on Democracy Now!. “Has there ever been an organization in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organized human life on Earth?”

While the slow motion Jones-Town continues in-side the belt-way good people will overwhelm the selective-ignorance of wealth. Truth, science and nature will never bull-shit us. Truth is our current administration is there only too steal as much taxpayer money as possible while destroying everything in it’s path with an unbridled madman holding the reins as the GOP and Evangelicals continue their satanic collusion with power. Yes it is white-power, white-ignorance, white-greed, white-educations and White-Lies which have brought us to the brink of extinction. It’s time for a new color-spectrum and a new perspective on leadership. We need a cooperative world of ideas not the exclusionary white-world of ignorance that brought us here.

The immeasurable value of cycling is essential to keeping us all moving forward in more ways then we realize. Cycling rejuvenated my life 15 years ago, it’s where I found true appreciation for life and the gift of time. The time to ride, the time to think, the time to love life separate of the clowns working to destroy it. “At Least I’m Enjoying The Ride”