Living and riding in one room lock-down.

Since losing work lock-down living was trying then I crashed and had screws and plates installed in my clavicle; thanks Medicaid. The indoor trainer was a rookie experience for me. The Indoor Cycle Chanel on YouTube is a blessing, ride in 4k resolution throughout Europe. These seriously help when procrastinating about indoor-riding. I rigged a bare-foot pedal system with the cardboard this Kinetic Trainer shipped in. Lock-down will keep you thinking. I was thinking about riding as a child at the beach with no shoes and ended up here forty-five years later. What a ride.

Home, It’s Where I Want Too Be.

Back to one-room living in lock-down. Bedroom, kitchen, bike-shop, video studio, garden. Hermetic living is familiar, tent, room-share, motel, sleeping-bag. In eleven years I’ve lived a hermetic lifestyle. I will say I very much enjoyed living in this tent. I thought I had no options going homeless then re-focused my resources and skill-sets and moved here. I loved camping as a child. If you have the need to live in a tent the JetBoil is an essential and practical purchase. You’ll see what I mean. Ten-months in this ten makes my current scene feel like a Four- Seasons Penthouse.

I was fortunate to find this room for rent in a ten-room house with nine other tremendous people. Shared kitchen stocked like a restaurant, three bath, laundry, WiFi, Ethernet, Netflix, cable, fax, copy machine, scanner and twenty-four hour coffee all included in the rent. I cycled past this house for a year wondering, Who lives in that unusual house? Now I do. Similar stories all my roommates have, lost job over age, divorce, illness, bankruptcy then the courts close in and take whats left of your cash and your humility. You know The American Dream. At Least I’m Enjoying The Ride.

Proof of concept for my cardboard pedals and I heard riding bare-foot prevents Corona-Virus. Just kidding, that only works if you soak your feet in bleach or disinfectant first.