Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are tremendous tools. I’ve worked in news-journalism since 1979. Facebook has zero to do with news, truth or journalism. Journalism was a profession and needed not to be democratized, especially with a shallow soulless platform like Facebook.

Two-Faced Facebook.

What started this? I pushed a blog posting with Facebook discussing socialism’s facts and fictions. Facebook rejected it twice because I mentioned truth and socialism. The fucking audacity of Mark Zuckerberg who rigged the election colluding with Cambridge Analytical and subsequently Vladimir Putin to give us Trump. Mark say’s he is there for the people. He is there for the money while living in a constant state of self-delusion. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more insincere person struggle so much with his own bull-shit. Watch him melt down here when asked a few substantive questions.


Which brings me to Frank Zappa’s clear headed truth regarding capitalism.

Mark got insanely wealthy by selling his soul to Wall-Street while pretending to care, not a new story in America. As I see it, this capitalist country was built on lies so in a way Facebook is very American as it constantly spreads primarily bull-shit while attempting to mascaraed as news. Facebook is glorified email designed to massage your ego into a manipulative hypnotic state of self-importance where you are totally exposed and vulnerable to corporate greed all while an unwilling player in the undermining of society.

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